Aso Rock Clinic:  Perm Sec, Jalab Arabi In Trouble!


The rot at the Aso Rock Clinic had been there for so long.  It is either no one noticed it or no one was bold enough to expose it.

But it took the intervention of the First Lady, Aisha Buhari, to draw our attention to the mess that the medical centre had become.  The First  Lady  had called out the management of the clinic at a recent event,  where she  narrated her personal experience while seeking medical attention  for an undisclosed ailment.

In her outburst, nay angst,  she practically  accused the Chief Medical Director of the clinic of financial malfeasance  and poor management.  Almost immediately,  all eyes began to turn in the direction of the CMD,  who has since become the butt  of criticisms.

But a few days after what many have described as a national shame, some insiders hinted Spy Glass the outburst had been misdirected. Instead,  the source pointed the finger at the Permanent Secretary of State House, Jalab Arabi.

Arabi,  according to the source,  has been enmeshed in several other scandals,  which had hitherto been under-reported.

It was alleged that he was fond of toying with the sweats of workers in the house. The source revealed that salaries of doctors on internship are being owed for many months.

It was also alleged that money budgeted for drugs have been misappropriated by Arabi.

Speaking further,  the source said no staff had been able to access the  sum of N 21 million   deducted by the National Health Insurance Scheme,  NHIS, so far.

“He is so arrogant. He would have been booted out of this place but for his alleged closeness to the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari. He sometimes refuses to carry out the order of the wife of the President  and that of the VP’s wife. It will amaze you that  both the wives of the President and Vice President fuel their cars from their pockets for official assignments as Jalal refuses to release funds for this purpose and nobody dares query him,’ added the source.