Wood Styles Unveils 5-Star Hotel Furniture


Five-star hotels in Nigeria have always had a challenge of fitting out their hotel lobbies, walkways, bars, restaurants and rooms with the appropriate furniture style and quality as really good furniture all had to be imported from manufacturers abroad, adding to the cost of capital needed to erect a top notch five star hotel, unavailability of support from manufacturers of quality furniture as they exist outside the country; another challenge they also face is obtaining replacements in case of damages by users.

Now all these is of the past, as WOODstyles Ltd, a Nigerian established manufacturer of high quality luxury joineries and cabinetry, has successfully proved its capability of manufacturing high end luxury rooms for five stars hotels that not only match international standards but even compete with international manufacturers.
During a Made by Design exhibition, where WOODstyles showcased a real five star hotel room fully produced by them for an actual ongoing five star hotel project in Nigeria, Managing Director of WOODstyles Ltd, Mr. Samir Bader, shared his success story.

“We were established in January 2015, with a factory of around 10,000SQM, fitted with state-of-the-art machineries, tools and equipment, automating as much as the current technology allows, ensuring high quality and precision in all our products,” he said. “We created a culture of quality in every aspect of the business even in the smallest detail from the cleaning of the factory floor to the outfits of our workforce and we worked it upwards to the actual management of the business. This culture enabled all our team to quickly reject all non-quality outputs, being a minimal process or a large product. As well we obtained ISO 9001-2015 quality management certification and fire rated doors manufacturing certification.

“Since 2015 we have successfully completed several complex and large projects in Lagos, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt and Ogun State. Our latest on-going project is a 26 story building in Ikoyi, Lagos which we are fitting with acrylic kitchens, veneer full height doors, veneer wardrobes and vanities.

“We currently formed a business understanding between WOODstyles and Miele Nigeria represented by CEO, Mr. Mostafa to collaborate in providing an integrated solution for customers of WOODstyles and Miele Nigeria. This was made possible as WOODstyles produces high end luxury kitchen cabinets to accommodate MIELE brand as a provider of high end appliances. “At the end, we are proud to say that we proved that Nigeria and Nigerians can have home grown factories that could compete with the international factories and we are very optimistic of the future of Nigeria as a great nation providing opportunities to all its people.”