Gotv Max to Excite Viewers


GOtv MAX customers will enjoy access to over 60 of the hottest local and international channels featuring everything from the freshest series, music and sport to the latest in fashion reality, celebrity and kiddies programming.

Launched October 1, customers will get all of this for an affordable price of N3,800 only. But all active GOtv Plus customers will have a taste of the GOtv MAX package with an open view period of the channels from October 1-31, 2017. During this open viewing period, GOtv Plus customers will be treated to GOtv MAX’s wide variety of entertainment programmes like La Liga on SS Select 4, Fox Entertainment, Sony MAX, CBS Reality and more.

Some of the popular programming on these channels include Empire, The Walking Dead, A Thousand Ways to Die and Fear Factor. TheGOtv Open Window periods are one of the innovative ways the company aims to provide more value for subscribers’ video entertainment experience, irrespective of their subscription plan.

Subscribers would also be given access to the best matches of the prestigious Spanish La Liga matches live as full complement of La Liga matches will be available on the newly introduced GOtv MAX. La Liga matches will be aired live on a new sports channel, SS Select 4.

In addition to other exciting programmes, available on GOtv MAX will be select live games of the English Premier League and a wider sports offering, which includes the recently acquired WWE and African football leagues. In addition to football and other sports, some of the exciting programming that will be available on the new package includes the latest and hottest movies and series straight from the US on Fox Entertainment and Sony MAX as well as riveting reality programmes on CBS Reality.