Sultan of Sokoto: Anybody Who Kills for Religion Will Go to Hell

Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar

By Christopher Isiguzo and  Gideon Arinze in Enugu

The Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar yesterday in Nsukka, Enugu State described the herdsmen currently ravaging some parts of the country as criminals and not Fulani herdsmen. 

He said the rampaging herdsmen were not true Muslims, declaring that any Muslim that killed on the guise of defending his religion would certainly go to hell.

Abubakar who spoke while delivering the University of Nigeria Nsukka 57th founders Day lecture titled “Restoring the dignity of Man” said Islam abhors violence and killings.

 “The herdsmen killing people are criminals and not Fulani herdsmen.

Anybody who kills people shouting Allah is a terrorist and not a true Muslim and will go to hell. Allah hates people who kill and said they will go to hell,” he said. 

He however said Education remained a veritable tool for human development as it promotes unity peace and economy.

 According to him, no human development would happen without education where knowledge and skills were acquired for development of any country.  

“Countries that take education seriously tend to develop healthier and happier. Education is light and means of restoring the dignity of man while ignorance is darkness. 

“Education will continue to be a veritable tool for human and societal development. Education is an instrument for national development and the interaction of persons and ideas are all aspects of education,” he said. 

Also speaking, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa of Delta State who was conferred with the Dignity of Man Award at the occasion said something must be urgently done to ensure the restoration of the dignity of man. 

He noted that the unchecked rise in population had led to economic insecurity in some homes, urging traditional rulers in the country to begin to talk about it in their various communities.

Okowa thanked the University for the Award, promising to return to the institution to show practical appreciation later.

Also Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi in his goodwill message said the 57th Founders Day celebration was a landmark in the life of the UNN, which he said had met most of the aspirations of the founding fathers. 

He applauded the vision of the founders of the university, whom he said looked beyond the region, to give it national outlook, pointing out that the motto of the institution, which is To Restore the Dignity of Man, had remained apt till date.

Earlier in his welcome address, the Vice Chancellor of UNN, Professor Chukwuma Ozumba thanked the Sultan of Sokoto for accepting to be the guest lecturer as he also praised the vision of the founding fathers of the university.

“We are glued to another Founders’ Day celebration of this great citadel of learning, this first indigenous university in Nigeria and one of the best universities in the continent of Africa,” Ozumba said.

  • ogbuefiakajiaku

    All terrorists are muslims but all muslims are not terrorists. Satan of sokoto so preach to your boys like the leader of boko haram in aso rock rock bokohari

  • AriseNigeria

    Sultan, “Anybody who kills people shouting Allah is a terrorist and not a true Muslim and will go to hell. Allah hates people who kill and said they will go to hell…”

    Why didn’t he preached same sermon to Mumuhead Buhari and his Islamist Northern Nigerian Army that recently attacked and killed unarmed IPOB youths.

    How come he is exonerating killer herdsmen, do they have to shout Allah Akbah to be labelled terrorist? They are not Fulanis? Who are they, IPOB?

    • Darcy

      Are Badoo Yoruba or criminals?

      Simple comprehension.

  • Said Misrata

    I read all
    the Coran and found 25 verses where it calls or incites Muslims to kill. This
    includes punishment for apostasy, insulting the prophet, adultery, revenge for
    murder, etc. The sultan has willingly lied and he is right to do so. If he says
    the truth about the Coran, it will be pouring oil into fire and the resulting
    flame will consume many of his people too. But the fact remains that to tell
    lies against the coran is also deadly for Muslims who will surely end in the
    hell of Muslims. Yes, I mean in the hell of Muslims because from all I read in
    the coran, too many contradictions cannot make that book come from the same God
    that prohibits all killings in the bible. When the bible says ” thou shall
    not kill” it the coran say” whoever leaves Islam, kill him” When
    the bible says ” it is only me God who give life have the right to take
    life” the coran says ” any woman guilty of adultery should be
    executed by stoning” When the bible says ” Forgive 40×70 time your
    offender and if one slaps you on one cheek turn the other cheek for him”
    the coran says ” I give you the law of Talion so you have the full right
    to revenge”

    So you can see that these two contradictory messages cannot come from the same

    When I was a moslem I could not understand all the contradictions so I decided
    to leave Islam and I joined Christianity which I considered more godly. It was
    not very easy for me but my human conscience helped me to overcome that. I
    found Christianity more tolerant , more peaceful more civilized. When you watch
    what is going on around the world, one must be an idiot or a coward to remain
    in Islam. My former moslem brothers keep pretending that Islam does not call
    for violence but when you open this book, you will find it terrible and
    disgusting unless you have already been brainwashed beyond repair. Any
    independent soul who is humane and neutral in his conscience can never read
    these deadly verses and will not find it disturbing. If these verses come from
    God then Satan does not exist. Many moslems are now either converting to
    christianity or are calling for a new testament of the coran where all the
    satanic verses will be cleansed in order to bring islam out of the current
    deadly darkness to light.

    The heavenly curse on Islam can also be seen by looking around the four corners
    of the globe. It is the only religion where women are oppressed to the maximum,
    to the extent that some are deprived education. In Saudi Arabia, women are not
    allowed to drive though human rights groups have pushed the king to abrogate
    that law in 2018. In the Taliban and ISIS territories, women should never
    show their faces, could not go out alone without company, should not go to
    school etc. All in the name of the same “peaceful religion”.

    Anywhere there is islam, there is problem. Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria
    north, Algeria, Lybia, Tunisia, Indonesia, india, Mali, etc. When you look at
    all these, my former moslem brothers tell you, it is the fault of the west.
    What a shame not accepting the reality and try to find solution. They are so
    coward that even the 11 September was blamed on Jews and not Ben Laden while
    the later claimed the attack himself.

    My position and advice to moslems are these:

    If you are a moslem, read the coran and the Sunna ( Boukhari) to see
    exactly the deadly darkness that you have been deepened in .

    Do ignite a movement to cleanse the coran and eliminate the satanic verses it
    contains especially where it calls for blood shedding.

    If you cannot, do convert to Christianity where peace, love and progress are
    guaranteed. ( Do count the first 20 most advanced country in the world today,
    there is no single moslem country amongst. )

    This is not
    due to randomness . If you think it is linked to colonisation, remember that India
    was colonized by the British, China was colonized by the japanese and Brazil
    was also colonised . Today they are all economic powers because they are not
    contaminated by the deadly virus called Islam. Have you ever heard that bomb
    exploded in a bus or in a church in Brazil, South Corea, Argentina, Peru, Cuba,
    etc no because there is practically no Islam in these countries.

    Please my former moslem brothers watch this syrian woman who decided to fight
    islam because of its destructive potentials to humanity and this might help you
    rethink. Following the foothsteps of your father and fore fathers is not always
    leading to the right destination. Be
    independent as God ( the true one) gave you brain to judge and
    make the difference between good and bad but if you continue to follow this
    religion that preaches evil and hate, the risk is yours. Do not say that no
    body alerted you. You have heard it today and you might not read this from
    someone else. If you want to continue pretending like the Sultan of Sokoto,
    then safe jouney. On my side I have escaped from that religion and I am very
    happy with my life today. See the video of one of the brave moslem
    women who are now fighting back islam to save humanity. Do share please to save
    humanity from this deadly virus.


    • Jon West

      Thank you and May God be praised for saving you from that savage and backward religion.

  • Jon West

    Hypocrisy and doublespeak are the basis of the Islamic religion. Theses terrible seeds are planted in the Hadiths, the biographies of the Prophet Mohammed, and in the Sura, the teachings of the Prophet. The ambiguity in these documents that form the basic planks of the religion , is responsible for the global mayhem that this religion has inspired , and the Nigerian case is not different.

    The Sultan, a scion of the Sokoto Caliphate and military officer with a Nigerian penchant for killing, to preserve status and privilege , is lying through his teeth and he knows it. There is nowehere in either the Hadith or the Sura , where anyone risks hell because of killing in the name of Allah. On the contrary, that is the basis of admission into Al Jana or paradise. That is why we have suicide bombers and their accomplices, the promise of 72 perpetual virgins in paradise, if you die for Islam and Allah.

    The Sultan also knows the antecedents of the current Fulani herdsmen invasions and their terrible violence, his ancestors having used the same surreptitious and hypocritical processes to conquer the Hausa and Yorubas, during their Jihad.
    How many of these criminals have been arrested, when compared to the havoc wreaked on unarmed IPOB protesters and Shiites?

    This is the problem with Nigeria and why some people are insistent on leaving the imbecile Lugardian Zoo. So-Called leaders lie through their teeth in public, knowing that the audience knows their real intentions ,but cannot challenge them , for fear of reprisals from the Life Patron of the Miyetti Allah Cattlemens Association ,now ensconced at the Presidential Villa, pretending to be President of Nigeria.

    To hell with Nigeria and the intellectual elite that deems it necessary to invite a medieval, feudal , religious fundamentalist , to address the Convocation Ceremony of Ziks University, founded on the hope that finally the dignity of the Black man will be restored,currently a forlorn hope , thanks to the religion, sociology and economic mindset of the people and tendencies represented by the Sultan of Sokoto.

    • bashkano

      I would have wished you have betrayed your glaring Islamophobia and intellectual deficiency by going further to bring out where specifically in the Qur’an or Hadith that states a Muslim should kill innocent people in order to gain entrance into the Paradise. People with an incurable distorted mind, no matter how intelligent they try to portray themselves, always end up mangling the rhythm of their poems woefully.

      • Jon West

        Do you know the meaning of the word ambiguity? Get the meaning and then read the Hadiths. Why do people become suicide bombers, and why did the 911 bombers brag about meeting the women of paradise just before their heinous crime? It’s the Hadith stupid!!

        • bashkano

          This is why I say you are most likely suffering from what psychiatrist may perhaps diagnose as ‘an incurable obsessive compulsive disorder’. I want you to bring out from the Qur’an or Hadith that specifically says a Muslim should go and kill any person in order to go to the Paradise. You cannot. The case of 911, very unfortunate as it was, was never and I repeat NEVER a case of religious conviction but a case of misguided people who call themselves Muslims to perpetrate one of the most heinous crimes on earth. Islam is not synonymous with criminality.just as Christianity is supposed to be. Incontrovertibly, there are misguided Muslims with warped ideological beliefs who perhaps, forced by the world injustices, hold the idea of shedding blood, to justify their misguided mission, just like there are so many of such people in the Christian world. The most recent case is what happened in the United States. Most of the crimes committed in this world today have their sources from the type of unnecessary hatred of races, religion and tribes, shown by people


          • abodes_124

            Jon West attributes Ambiguity to Koranic influence on world wide terrorism. You attribute it adherents being ‘misguided’.. Perhaps there is ? not much separating those two words .

          • bashkano

            There is no single ambiguity in the Qur’an. It is as it has been revealed 1439 years ago It is unlike other Scriptures that suffer from series of serious interpolations etc. Terrorism is a word so much abused and misused to suit the purpose of its applier.

          • abodes_124

            Well you have now thrown a bit of a challenge. Jon West was being a little circumspect in referring to verses in the Koran encouraging violence as being ambiguous , You now say there is no ambiguity and you are perhaps right. These are verses in the Quran that relate to violence. [ I have not included the Hadith] . I tried to provides hyperlink to the actual chapter in the Quran so as to provide context but could not so if interested copy the verse and put in google. . Here they are and we can leave people to judge and perhaps get some idea of the problem in Islam: Quran (2:191-193) – Quran (2:244) – Quran (2:216) – Quran (3:56) – Quran (3:151) Quran (4:74) – Quran (4:76) – Quran (4:89) – Quran (4:95) -Quran (4:104) – Quran (5:33) Quran (8:12) – Quran (8:15) – Quran (8:39) -Quran (8:57) – Quran (8:59-60) – Quran (8:65) – Quran (9:5) Quran (9:14) -Quran (9:20) Quran (9:29) Quran (9:30) Quran (9:38-39) Quran (9:41) – Quran (9:73) Quran (9:88) Quran (9:111) Quran (9:123) – Quran (17:16) Quran (18:65-81) Quran (21:44) – Quran (25:52) Quran (33:60-62) -Quran (47:3-4) -Quran (47:35) Quran (48:17) Quran (48:29) Quran (61:4) -Quran (61:10-12) Quran (66:9)

          • bashkano

            I would have wished I was dealing with someone who knew exactly what he was saying and/or quoting from. Nonetheless, for the benefit of those innocent people who might have been carried away by the above self-confessed ignorance of Islam, I would still go ahead to advise any dispassionate interested person(s) in this discourse to obtain an English translations of those verses quoted above so as to find out if what our Islamic voracious antagonists are deducing, tally with their ill-feelings.

          • abodes_124

            I will now proceed to quote the verses. My preference would have been for people to see the whole chapter so as to have context and so have a better understanding of the Quram’s teachings that relate to violence.

          • Jon West

            These people don’t just get it.

      • Jon West

        Please read @ Said Misrata and then convert to Christianity before you die In your Islamic hell.

      • abodes_124

        let us put Jon Wests thesis to test. Do tell us Sir what you understand by the term Jihad for example.

    • Darcy

      You have returned.

      • Jon West

        Where did I go? The truth shall set you free, but first it will exasperate you and make you angry. It is like bitter medicine but good for your soul, that is why it is called the truth.

  • Arabakpura

    I wish the Sultan would transmit his good speeches into good actions!

    • Jon West

      If wishes were horses, beggars……….

  • Political Affey

    If it appears as if one religion is prospering over the other, the other religion adherents
    will adjust to the beat and make their religion work for them too. If they cannot achieve that, they will turn violent. The solution is for the nation to develop a strong educational base which will in turn serve as basis for development. Human development is key, and this is through science and technology. Religion should be a private affair. It should not be the thrust for public action. If this is not heeded, violence will continue and it is the masses that will suffer. We are confronted with double whammy here. Our religious and cultural leaders are also our political leaders, bar none.

  • pajerow

    How do we believe that when your region hasnt arrested and preosecute any