Buhari to Meet Kachikwu over NNPC Appointments, Contracts

  •  Why cold war exists between minister and Baru
  • PDP demands GMD’s suspension, probe, APC declines comment

Omololu Ogunmade and Onyebuchi Ezigbo in Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has invited the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu, to meet with him to discuss the contents of his letter, alleging irregularities in the $24 billion contract awards and insubordination by the Group Managing Director (GMD) of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Dr. Maikanti Baru.

Presidency sources informed THISDAY Thursday night that the minister will meet with the president possibly Friday or in the next few days.

Kachikwu had in the correspondence said that he would have liked to discuss the concerns raised in the letter personally with the president, but had been blocked by certain unnamed persons in the State House despite several attempts to see him.

In the letter, dated August 30, 2017, Kachikwu also alleged that Baru undermined his office by unilaterally making senior executive appointments without recourse to the board of NNPC which he chairs, and as stipulated in the law governing the operations of NNPC.

The minister had pleaded with Buhari to suspend the appointments until due process had been complied with.

Meanwhile, more facts have come to light on what led to the breakdown of relations between Kachikwu and Baru, with sources revealing to THISDAY that the cold war started when Kachikwu, in his capacity as GMD of NNPC, restructured the organisation in March 2016.

Kachikwu for almost a year had held the dual post of Minister of State for Petroleum and GMD of NNPC before he was removed and replaced by Baru in July 2016.

During the restructuring, which led to the creation of five divisions and 20 Autonomous Business Units (ABUs), Baru who had been appointed Group Executive Director, Exploration and Production of the corporation eight months earlier, was moved out of the post to the ministry as Kachikwu’s technical adviser.

Baru, a source in NNPC confided, did not take kindly to the redeployment and immediately started moving mountains to supplant Kachikwu as the GMD of the state-run oil firm.

With the assistance of his friends in the presidency, Baru eventually got his desire when Buhari announced Kachikwu’s removal and made Baru the new head of NNPC.

However, the source explained that when Buhari appointed Baru the new GMD, he was unaware that he had approved his redeployment to the ministry as Kachikwu’s adviser three months earlier.

The source explained that the president did not know Baru personally at the time and simply approved the redeployments that came with the restructuring, but Kachikwu’s letter has now helped to shed more light on what led to the division between his minister and the NNPC GMD.

However, ever since the letter became public, it has elicited strong reactions from Nigerians who have expressed divergent views over the propriety or otherwise of the issues raised by Kachikwu.
Joining the fray Thursday, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) called on the president to immediately suspend and investigate Baru over the award of multi-billion dollar contracts without the approval of the NNPC board.

The main opposition party equally alleged that the $24 billion contract scam at NNPC might have been fuelled by the need to oil Buhari’s second term bid.

PDP said the sum involved in the NNPC scandal was $24 billion, pointing out that less than 10 per cent of the amount ($2 billion) was involved in the arms funds scandal allegedly diverted by the former National Security Adviser (NSA) Col. Sambo Dasuki, over which hundreds of Nigerians had been arrested and hounded.
It expressed great shock at the “loud silence” of the president over what it termed the “humongous corruption scandal and other illegalities” currently being exposed at the nation’s cash cow, the NNPC, in which two of his henchmen – Kachikwu and Baru – are the dramatis personae.

PDP also used the opportunity to warn that it would take legal measures to remove any of its members in the House of Representatives who justify their defection to the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) on grounds that the PDP is divided.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja, the spokesman of the PDP, Dayo Adeyeye, said its suspicion on the matter was reinforced by the unfolding events that seem to indicate that powerful people in the corridors of power are tacitly involved in the NNPC contract scandal.

“We suspect and our suspicion is reinforced by the unfolding events that powerful people in the corridors of power are tacitly involved in this.

“If the president’s powerful Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, could sit on the NNPC board and such a calamity is taking place without an eyelid being blinked, we are forced to believe that the stealing is being done to the advantage of the president who has shown by his body language that the only thing that matters most to him for now is his second term ambition,” he said.
The PDP spokesman maintained that the opposition party was demanding both the suspension of Baru and immediate probe of the issues raised by Kachikwu.

When converted to naira, according to him, the sum of $24 billion said to be the subject of the latest controversy, is about N9 trillion, a sum that is bigger than the nation’s annual budget.
“Will it be considered ‘hate speech’ if we say the money being stolen by President Buhari’s men is being kept aside into a special pool for the prosecution of his second term ambition?
“We challenge the president to prove us wrong by allowing his allies being caught in acts of brazen stealing of our commonwealth get punished in accordance with the laws of the land.

Anything aside this, we will take as confirmation of our suspicion that the rot is from the very top,” he said.

PDP also challenged the president to do the needful and order a thorough investigation into the matter.

“We demand as bona fide Nigerians, an express order from President Muhammadu Buhari to the NNPC GMD asking him to go on compulsory leave so that an investigation into the matter at stake can be conducted without interference.

“We also demand an order from the president to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other anti-graft agencies to immediately commence investigations into all issues of corruption levelled against Baru as well as other persons who might have overtly or covertly participated in the illegal act.

“As a political party, we expect that the president, who prides himself as an indefatigable corruption fighter, would for once try to live above board by genuinely allowing one of his own, accused of corruption, get properly investigated and prosecuted as a show of his impartiality in the war against corruption,” PDP added.

The party further challenged Buhari to correct the impression Nigerians have about his “so-called anti-corruption war” that it is not just a tool for the persecution of perceived enemies.

According to PDP, the president should not give the impression that he is trying to shield Baru as he did with Babachir Lawal, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF).

“We view the allegations levelled against Baru by Kachikwu as too grave to be swept under the carpet and we insist that the NNPC GMD must be treated like an accused who should not have the opportunity to influence investigations into his alleged misdeeds.

“In this light, we demand the immediate suspension of the NNPC GMD so that a proper investigation can be carried out by the relevant anti-corruption agencies.

“Ordinarily, if there was sincerity in the anti-corruption war, President Muhammadu Buhari should not wait for any prompting before he takes decisive action on this matter, but as customary with his administration, we suspect that he’s trying to shield Baru as he did Babachir Lawal, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), whom he merely suspended to allow the hullabaloo generated by the fraud perpetrated in the management of the emergency funds for the IDPs, die down.

“Also, up till now, we have never heard anything again about the millions of dollars and naira discovered in an Ikoyi apartment.

“Nigerians have not forgotten the acts of illegality and double standards perpetrated by the president in refusing to hand over Babachir Lawal to the EFCC for proper investigation and possible prosecution for graft, but rather preferring to give the task of investigation of the open sleaze to the vice-president, in a move not known to any law of this nation.

“Even at that, the report of the Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo-led committee is gathering dust on the shelf of the president because he probably cannot bear to see one of his closest allies punished by the laws of the land, even when all the facts show that blatant and unbridled theft was perpetrated by the president’s man.

“The sum involved in the NNPC scandal is $24 billion; less than 10 per cent percent of that ($2 billion) was involved in the so-called arms scandal allegedly diverted by the former NSA over which hundreds of Nigerians have been arrested and hounded.

“Nigerians can now see the hypocrisy in the so-called anti-corruption fight. We might as well say that the privileged class of APC members enjoy total immunity from the anti-corruption campaign.
“We have been saying this for months that the looting of the nation’s resources under this administration is record-setting in the history of this nation and we are being proven right on a daily basis by the little revelations that are being made by even those working under the administration.

“We wonder what the stench will be when the real and hidden atrocities being perpetrated under the watch of President Buhari are finally exposed when Nigerians throw the APC government out of power in 2019.

“This we find is one of the very many reasons the nation’s economy has nosedived under the inept administration of the APC.

“The allegations raised by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources is a confirmation of our earlier stance that the APC administration is in tatters, an administration without coordination, one planted firmly in the hands of a cabal that is sucking the nation dry while the president continues to feign ignorance of the sickening stench.

“If not, how on earth can President Muhammadu Buhari justify a situation where a minister he appointed to serve under him, presiding over an important sector like the oil sector, be turned to a mere house-help who must get clearance from some ‘outsiders’ before accessing the president?
“How on earth will a mere MD of a corporation have the temerity to sideline a minister under whom he works and take decisions without consultation with the appropriate authority. How on earth could the NNPC GMD have been bold enough to sideline the entire board of NNPC and take such far-reaching decisions that have grave implications for the nation’s economy alone?

“Much as we commend the National Assembly for indicating interest in probing the allegations against the NNPC GMD as approved in the adoption of the motion moved by Senator Samuel Anyanwu at the Senate plenary on Wednesday, we wish to appeal to the leadership of the Senate to prevail on the ad hoc committee set up for the purpose of the investigation to make their sitting open to all Nigerians so that nothing will be surreptitiously swept under the carpet.

“The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) reiterates our support for the drive to eliminate corruption from the workings of the Nigerian government, but we hold firmly to our stance that the APC government under President Buhari must lead and live by example.

“We say no to soft landing to corruption and corrupt members of the APC government. We say no to double standards in the fight against corruption,” the party said.

When contacted Thursday on the Kachikwu letter and the issues raised by the PDP, surprisingly, the ruling APC declined to comment.

The APC National Publicity Secretary, Mallam Bolaji Abdullahi, who spoke on behalf of the party on the allegations erupting in NNPC, said: “We cannot comment on that now. In fact, we have no comment on it.”

The APC National Vice-Chairman, South-west, Dr. Pius Akinyelure, is a board member of NNPC.

  • lets watch and see what wants to play in nnpc. nigerians are watching.

  • Remi Adeyeye

    I really wish Nigerian leaders would stop using the destructive type of language that PDP leaders are using. The only purpose of this type of language is to poison the well. To destroy the country simply to get your party back in power. There is allegation of $24 billion contract without the approval of the Board. That is a legitimate issue to investigate. However, jumping from that to insinuating that $24 billion embezzlement similar in some form to the $2.4 billion claimed to have been illegally diverted from its purpose of fighting the Boko Haram insurgents to funding of the re-election of the former president is completely irresponsible. It could simply be that Mr. Baru so detested Mr. Kashikwu that he bypassed a due process in awarding legitimate contracts. That will be bad enough in itself. However, it is not the same as stealing public money or being corrupt. It might simply be criminal. But not all crimes are Thefts!

    • Up Naija

      You are the biggest fool that ever lived for saying that shady management of national asset to the tone of more than a 130% of our national budget is not corruption. And you are still applying the same blame game where everything that is wrong in the dysfunctional government, even after two years of ineptness, is the fault of the previous administration. In fact, you are a fool for ever!

      • Remi Adeyeye

        I suspect that Up Naija is not your real name. Remi Adeyeye is mine!

    • jasper123

      It would be better to leave politics for the politicians Remi, I am sure you knew how well Lai Mohammed feared in this regards while holding the microphone for the then opposition APC! In political game, you don’t mince words to ridicule your enemies! There is no difference between the alleged $2.4bn Dasuki loot and Baru’s contract scandal, they are both corrupt practices, hope you know that Dasuki’s case also has to do with defence contract awards as well! By the way why did you not talk about the case of cutting IDP camps’ grasses with some NGN400m when in actual sense they could not even feed the IDPs themselves? Is Dasuki any different from Lawal? Truth is General Buhari lost control of his government a long time ago- a major ill of Nigerian presidents, safe maybe for OBJ!

      • Remi Adeyeye

        You should not do that. It is your (and my) country. I am not in support of any corrupt practice. My point is that those dedicated to robbing the country blind, be they PDP or APC members should refrain from languages that incite their ordinary Nigerian victims. The $24 billion dollar allegation has been reported to the president. Politicians with any desire to hold the country together should refrain from inflammatory languages. The allegation should be properly investigated and the public should demand accountability. I understand that Nigeria is a colony transferred from the British to their Nigerian partners. Even then, these partners, no matter the parties they currently belong to, should appreciate the fact that they are co-equal opportunists and refrain from languages that incite the public. It is rather interesting that a substantial number of Nigerians accept destructive practices from their leaders because celebrating mindless accusations of corruption and stealing from thieves place them in a position of relief in knowing that their precarious economic condition is caused by corruption. The letter pointing out the improper award of contracts was from a member of president Buhari’s government. The accusation needs to be thoroughly investigated. It does not need to be trivialized by those looking for justification for their own corrupt practices.

  • RumuPHC

    Everything here is like reading a script written by the previous administration!

    Clearly the demystification of PMB continues. Apart from the initial ” gra gra” by Mugu , it’s becoming increasingly difficult to see a difference between this administration and GEJ’s .

    Everything that shouldn’t happen in a much vaunted anti corruption PMB administration appear to be happening. First it was Babachi grass cutting contract scam then Osborne billions and now dysfunction and lack of corporate governance in NNPC . Even GEJ will be laughing at this charade of an administration.

    I however reserve my comment on the
    travails of Dr Ibe Kachikwu . I suppose he brought this upon himself. His position was untenable as both Minister and GMD but he chose to cling to both positions despite conflict of interest as regulator and operator in addition to lack of supervising board. This set him for his eventual downward spiral in influence. Kachikwu failed to use his influence to appoint a GMD loyal to him when his stars where brightest at the presidency , rather he selfishly kept the position.

    Appointment of Baru , a technical adviser under office of minister as GMD NNPC without the recommendation of Kachikwu should have alerted him to the winter to come.

    For Buhari, it is clear that PMB is turning into a disappointment and huge embarrassment to some of us who fought for his presidency. I want to assume that his ill health and medications have both taken the better of this otherwise distinguished fellow.

    The only way PMB can convince me he is GMB is to order the immediate arrest of Babachir Lawal, arraign Oke of the Osborne billions saga in court and dismiss Baru from NNPC. Certainly PMB will need to out some cabal from Aso Rock.

    • Darcy

      GEJ wasn’t personally divisive. PMB is both incompetent and divisive.

      • RumuPHC

        You are correct . Incompetence appear to be a common thread running through the DNA of leadership in Nigeria , even beyond the presidency.

        Being divisive however is a matter of image and perception .

  • Ibe Edwards

    This is a failed government without coordination. If a serving minister cannot get an audience with the President, then who can? No wonder things are the way there are. Government filled with contradictions, confusion, hypocrisy and arrant lies. Just yesterday the Senate denied receiving loan request from the Executive that claimed it has been sent. When people ask questions they tag them ‘hate speech’. If this is not corruption, then what is. When you breach laws & procedures that’s a higher corruption. These people need to pack heir load and leave our space please.

  • pius pumpum

    Unfprturnately people don’t under the root cause of this diatribe between Baru and Kachukwu,it is all about spoils of the office(in this case NNPC as a whole).The sole of the fight is centered on the strategy of emasculation orchestrated by Farouk(Former MD of PPMC whom i just learnt even after retirement without shame has taken the position of an SA to Baru because he will never leave NNPC alone even after being on most of the juicy positions in the corporation)to cede all the lucrative crude oil,LPFO,Petene etc export to Duke oil(with abysmal performance record and capacity)which is in firm control of this cabal.Farouk is in firm control of Duke oil, he designed this fraudulent web for NNPC to the benefit of himself and cronies.

    When people say they expect Buhari to act it makes me smile,Buhari unforturnately has no capacity to reign in his aids that have already understood his weak point and anti dot and are seriously taking advantage of that to the detriment of all of us.We seem to forget in a hurry the spat between NSA’s Office,DSS visa viz Magu(where two Agencies purportedly supposed to be working for the president were in a shown of grandstanding undermining each other during Magu’s screening)what did the president do?the same with the spat between Attorney General’s office and EFCC and all this unforturnately has become the hallmark of this presidency,so anybody expecting that GMB will do anything might wait for another hope dash.The truth is that integrity alone is not the requirement for a good leader.

    • BankyMons

      Buhari has ZERO intergrity – stop that nonsense now.

      • Chiemele

        Do you realize what integrity is? By your reckoning tell me who has integrity so I can place you.

        • BankyMons

          Yes can we have the tutorial please?

          • I can help. Integrity is that inner deterrent that does not allow you to take undue advantage over what belongs to all, in your custody. Does this help?

          • Chiemele

            Google it, spend your data usefully.

  • Xanthos1

    that is nonsense if you have to invite a minister of state in a ministry you head before he can see you all these months…..where is the goal congruence?


    Let us watch and see as even unfold. Will Kachukwu be sacked just like Sanusi?. What happened to Kachukwu after this will determined where Mr. President stands.

    • Chiemele

      First apt comment. Will Kachukwu be sacked like Sanusi?

      • FrNinja

        He will be reshuffled to a non entitt ministry. Obasanjo is already on phone with Buhari.

        • Chiemele

          Is their a nonentity ministry, thought it was all about service.

  • Asuk

    Corruption is actively going on in this country. Buhari is corrupt.

  • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

    Ibe is going to attend a meeting in which his ‘re-education’ will begin – delivered by the Grand Professor himself.

    The NNPC is the Central Bank of any ruling party and no one will be allowed to affect this important dynamic. It was the case under PDP and will remain so now – especially when this government and the ruling party may no longer be able to rely on funding from Tinubu’s Lagos and Rivers State – NNPC is needed now more than ever.

    The Nigerian Presidential elections is less than 2 years time will be the most expensive in African history and so vacuum thermobaric bombing of the NNPC and CBN has commenced. Ibe is being a fly in the ointment and he will receive appropriate ticking off whilst he will plead about having not leaked the letter. Ibe should not be noisy at the dinner table where black soup is on the menu.

    We do not expect any change – we the people, are just grateful that we can get the opportunity to watch this movie in 3D

    • BankyMons

      You got there before me! Kachikwukwu will be relieved of his job in no time.

      • Chiemele

        And if he is not? I would rather wish Baru is redeployed.

      • Jon West

        No, he will be shown some flagged EFCC documents pertaining to corruption investigations against him and Dumebi ,his brother, and told to keep quiet until the elections are over. Baru ,the elections treasurer, will be asked to apologise to Kachikwu in the Villa with Kyari, the Chief of Staff , brokering peace . Then normal service will be restored. ALooter Continua!!

        • benedict chindi

          Ahh John West. An interim EFCC report, (that incidentally showed no criminal wrong doing) was leaked a day after (at least that’s when it came to my attention) Kachikwu’s “love letter” to the president was leaked. The document pertains to transactions for Duchess Energy Limited, Platinum Plus Limited and two other firms in which Dumebi Kachikwu has controlling interests.

          Its all a game to these people. Nothing will change.

        • BankyMons

          Hmmmmm. @Jon West very apt!

      • gabriel akwaja

        We will then shut down Abuja, and convert Eagle Square to Tarhir Square.

    • Political Affey


    • Chiemele

      Will Kachukwu be sacked like Sanusi?

      • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

        De facto, Sanusi was not sacked but I get your point.

        There is no history of whistle blowers at this level achieving any suspension of graft and grand larceny. Sanusi had his royal calling to fall back on. Ibe’s out burst may cost him dear – and these guys can play a long game. I hope for his sake, that there are no skeletons in his closet so that he does not have to deal with the principle of honour amongst thieves.

        I am scratching my head in wonderment of why he did this. Does he think that this government will respond to public opinion or perception?

        He is operating around the political mafia and he should have kept his friends close and his enemies closer still.

        • Chiemele

          Sanusi was fired, or you did believe he was fired?
          The overbearing quest for aggrandizement at all cost, corruption is itched in many a DNA in Nigeria. It has nothing to do with ethnicity or religion as many thing. More about selfish interest.
          Can this monster ever be tamed? how? by who?

          • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

            The President could not fire Sanusi – the constitution did not allow him to do so, so he was suspended – same thing really!

        • Darcy

          Thinking of his international reputation perhaps?

    • E.Udah

      Couldn’t he just resign??!!

    • gabriel akwaja

      This is where we will close shop for the anti-graft war, and everyone will go home.

      • Michael Kadiri SocioPolitical

        My broda
        There was never a war
        It was all ‘advance votes fraud’ – brother of 419

  • Daniel Obior

    Baru is only a tool in this saga. Buhari himself is the puppeteer playing the game. Moving Kachikwu out as NNPC GMD and putting Baru in the position was Buhari’s making, as a first step to northernising the management of NNPC. Recent announcement whereby virtually all the top management positions of NNPC are occupied by northerners, simply fits into Buhari’s grand plan. Baru will not award these contracts without Buhari’s knowledge. At the end of the day this entire saga will come to nothing.

    • Chiemele

      Conspiracy theorists see a devil under every green tree.

      • BankyMons

        There is no such thing as ‘conspiracy theory’ just conspiracy! I hope this makes you think!

        • Chiemele

          I said “theorists” You stopped thinking.

          • BankyMons

            So which worddid you derive ‘theorist’ from please? Go back to school.

          • Chiemele

            Did I communicate? Yes!!! No!!!
            Don’t have closed mind. Be innovative. Words are contrived, not in heaven.

      • Daniel Obior

        And those who make such claims are the demons lurking around in the depths of the seas, in ignorance.

    • Many of you do not know the technical dynamics of oil operation or you pretent not to know. While the probe, which is a fact finding mission is welcomed, I think that in the first instance, Kachickwu was a misfit as a GMD of NNPC. This I say because of his background as a Barrister & his limited to IOC. His current position which is political, may be more suitable. What is playing out is just a fallback of the confusion he brought in during his so-called restructuring. Removing a substantive GGM E&P , who is reputed to be the most competent & making Technical Adviser to himself speaks volume. Baru is not as naive as many of you think. Ask yourself, why was NAPIMS removed from E&P to GMD’s office which while Kachikwu was the GMD? We are waiting for the fact finding mission outcome. IOCs do not run as NNPC.

      • Daniel Obior

        First of all, you need to be reminded on the number of IOC products that were GMDs of NNPC, and that they were by far the more knowledgeable NNPC GMDs. The IOC products are better trained and have broader experience in the oil industry than the NNPC ones. Your entire argument is premised on a wrong presumption. That in you view Baru is the most competent, says it all about that organisation that has a culture of stinking corruption. IOCs are better run that NNPC.

        • No you don’t know the dynamics. E&P requires a trained engineer. A mechanical engineer for that matter. Not a lawyer. Running the refineries and pipelines, is what matters most to the government and NNPC. The Investment arm, NAPIMS, can have any technocrat as head and that’s what matters most to the IOCs. Andrew Yakubu, Abubakar Yaradua, Mansur Ahmed, Engineer Bafred, Engineer Abiyesuku etc are the most qualified to run NNPC. Dangote is not a stupid investor for bringing Engr. Mansur Ahmed to run his world class refinery.

          • Daniel Obior

            You have only cited examples of those in NNPC organisation, an organisation whose top management is appointed on political basis without merit as consideration. Secondly, you contradict yourself due to a lack of knowledge. If you claim that running refineries and pipelines matter most to NNPC, then these are not E&P or upstream activities of the oil and gas industry.They are downstream sector. My advice to you is to go and study how the IOCs run the oil and gas business. The IOCs are the best in the country and in the world, as a matter of fact. NNPC is badly run and provides bad examples. Finally, NAPIMS oversees the financial and technical aspects of major projects of the IOCs. These major projects are technologically driven with good understanding of their engineering input. Seeing NAPIMS only as an investment arm, misses the point. Now you can see that I know the dynamics of the oil and gas industry; don’t try me next time.

          • You haven’t said anything convincing. You are full of shit, and deviating from the core of the argument. E&P whether downstream or upstream must be managed by an engineer and so are the refineries and pipelines. Not a lawyer. List of Nigerians I gave you are not run -off- the -mill appointees of govt. These are core professionals who at a point of their carreers been part of setting up the refineries or were in the E&P fields. The argument that the refineries and pipelines are the major concern of the govt, is not because govt is less bothered with the revenue accruing from sale of crude, but just like what said, the IOCs are the best partners in that level of transaction, and all the regulatory agencies like DPR, NAPIMS, Customs and Immigration are attached to all floating / production stations. If the refineries are not working, govt rarely gets a sound sleep. But if the floating stations or production lines has problem, it hardly affects the ordinary citizens inasmuch as there are enough feed for the refineries. I was on FPSO Unity, offshore Agbami, and the Unity was filled to the brim because the regulatory agencies on board have gone for holidays and no one on board has the keys to the release valve for waiting tankers to load, and which if left for additional days, production will suffer and there will be environmental problem. No one in govt is panicked as compared to when the refineries are not working.

          • Daniel Obior

            You are obviously an illiterate as far as oil and gas issues are concerned. I did not set out to convince you, as I was fully aware that you are out of your depth on this matter. I only set out to provide knowledge based facts, which your ranting cannot refute. Your so called NNPC engineers have little E&P experience. Can you name one E&P field of 100 million barrels that your so called NNPC core professionals have run? Their performance in the downstream sector like the refineries, is abysmally poor. That is why all the refineries have been running at an average of less than 5% of installed capacity. for decades now, with the government sleeping and snoring, while they are corruptly embezzling billions of dollars. They are very poor engineers and only good at stealing. You tell lies and put facts on their head out of either ignorance, mischief or both. What else does anyone expect from the donkey that you are?

      • josvinco

        @Kehinde Onibokun. Buffoon ! Who told you Kachikwu was a misfit as a GMD of NNPC. Kachikwu is a first class honours graduate who worked in Mobil Oil producing for many years. He is not an outsider to the oil industry. In most advanced countries best hands and experience are the things. Not arm chair doctorate in Exploration who should be on the field , who sits in the office to award contracts.

        • Remi Adeyeye

          Must you people always call people names. Why can’t you simply make your point and leave out the name-calling?

          • josvinco

            @Remi Adeyeye. Your brother made a nonsensical comment. So was the answer. And mind what profanities you utter ! Does Buhari hold a Ph.d in petroleum Engineering when he was first appointed Oil minister ? You don’t know me, stop maligning me.

          • Remi Adeyeye

            I don’t need to know you. You called somebody a fool in response to their post. That is name calling. I didn’t malign you. Please read my comments again. All I asked was that you stop calling people names. I have never seen any of my brothers post anything here and I have a lot of brothers and sisters. You don’t need a PhD in anything in other to be appointed a minister. I suspect that you have a point to make. Make the point. I might learn from it.

    • Darcy

      Okay I’m confused, is Buhari Dullardinho the Northern illiterate or Professor Moriarty?

      • Daniel Obior

        We can all take our picks, depending on what side of the fence we are located.

  • Toby

    The demystification of sick Buhari continues. I’m loving this.

  • Drake Solo

    Why would the loquacious and empty headed Abdulahi talk? What will he say? You do not talk in an open and shut case. The govt is as guilty as hell.

    Please remind Abdulahi to add this scandal to the nonsense book he said he is writing about the past administration, of which he was a core actor.