Buhari: Calls for Restructuring Inspired Divisive Agitations

President Muhammadu Buhari

Says national, state assemblies proper & legal fora for national debate Promises to address genuine grievances Seizes occasion to render stewardship, describes Anchor Borrowers Programme as outstanding success

Omololu Ogunmade in Abuja

President Muhammadu Buhari has said recent calls for restructuring provided avenue for “highly irresponsible groups to call for dismemberment of the country.” He said his government could not and would not allow such advocacy.

In a national broadcast on Sunday morning to commemorate Nigeria’s 57th independence anniversary, President Buhari noted that calls for restructuring were quite proper in a legitimate debate.

He, however, said “proper dialogue and any desired constitutional changes should take place in a rational manner, at the National and State Assemblies.”

He said, “These are the proper and legal fora for National debate, not some lopsided, undemocratic body with pre-determined set of objectives.”

The president’s independence anniversary broadcast came on the heels of the agitation of South-east based youth dominated secessionist group, Independent People of Biafra (IPOB), which was recently checkmated by the deployment of troops to the South-east and its proscription by government.

Recalling sad memories of the civil war between 1967 and 1970, the President said, “As a young Army Officer, I took part from the beginning to the end in our tragic civil war costing about 2 million lives, resulting in fearful destruction and untold suffering. Those who are agitating for a re-run were not born by 1967 and have no idea of the horrendous consequences of the civil conflict which we went through.”

He expressed disappointment in South-east leaders over their perceived failure to dissuade their young men from persistent agitation for secession, but praised their South-south counterparts for providing what he described as responsible leadership in their region.

“I am very disappointed that responsible leaders of these communities do not warn their hot-headed youths what the country went through. Those who were there should tell those who were not there, the consequences of such folly,” the president said.

He said the government was keeping faith with its pursuit of peace in the Niger Delta through dialogue with stakeholders, assuring that genuine grievances in the region would be addressed.

The president said, “Government is grateful to the responsible leadership of those communities and will pursue lasting peace in the Niger Delta.”

Seizing the occasion to render stewardship, the President said, “In the past two years, Nigeria has recorded appreciable gains in political freedom. A political party at the centre losing elections of state governor, National Assembly seat and even state assemblies to the opposition parties is new to Nigeria. Added to these are complete freedom to associate, to hold and disseminate opinions.”

Buhari said another demonstration of the country’s political freedom under his administration was exemplified in the ruling party losing governorship, National Assembly and State Houses of Assembly polls to opposition parties.”

He also described people’s freedom to associate without any threat as a further show of prevalent political freedom which he described as a mark of political development.

On security, Buhari who said the government was working assiduously to ensure the release of the last set of Chibok girls, disclosed that the military in its commitment to operational efficiency had established mobile strike teams in the North-east to serve as the platform for final conquest of Boko Haram.

While thanking the armed forces for decimating Boko Haram’s strength in the North-east, Buhari thanked neighbouring countries and the international community for their collaboration with Nigeria in the fight against terrorism.

Furthermore, he said the military had succeeded in establishing naval presence in the Lake Chad Basin in pursuit of co-ordinated efforts to avert the re-launch of Boko Haram activities in the North-east.

“Nigeria is grateful to its neighbours and the international community for the collective efforts to defeat this world-wide menace of terrorism. Not even the most organised and most equipped police and security forces in the world can escape the menace of modern day terrorism as we have seen in recent years in Europe and other parts of the world.

“But we are not letting up. Our Armed Forces in an effort to enhance the operational capability of troops of Operation Lafiya Dole have established Mobile Strike Teams in the North East. These will ensure the final push to wipe out the remnants of Boko Haram.

“In addition, through targeted air strikes most of the leadership and identified logistics bases and routes of the insurgents have been neutralised. The armed forces have established a naval presence in the Lake Chad Basin as part of the coordinated military efforts to curtail the movements or re-emergence of the sect in the area.

“Government is working round the clock to ensure release of the remaining Chibok girls, as well as other persons in Boko Haram captivity. Government will continue to support the Armed Forces and other security agencies to fight not only terrorism, but kidnapping, armed robberies, herdsmen/farmers violence and to ensure peace, stability and security in our country,” he added.

On economy, Buhari who said his government would accelerate moves to tackle the country’s challenges in this second half of his administration, also said the government would be alive to its effort to diversify the economy especially with what he described as the outstanding success of “anchor borrowers programme” launched in 2015.

He listed the success of the programme to include: N43.92 billion released through Central Bank Nigeria (CBN) and 13 participating institutions; 200,000 small holder farmers from 29 states of the federation and 233,000 hectares of farmlands for the cultivation of rice, wheat, maize, cotton, soya beans, poultry, among others.

He said with respect to the economy, government had remained pro-active in its diversification policy. The president further said the government had since December last year produced 7 million of 50 kilogrammes of fertiliser with 11 plants while 2.1 million metric tonnes had been reactivated and $150 million saved in foreign exchange adding that another N60 billion had been saved in subsidy.

He said the move had resulted in the fall of the price of fertiliser from hitherto N13,000 to N5,500 adding that a presidential initiative to ensure the creation of 10,000 jobs by each state had begun.

Admitting that power supply has remained a huge problem in the country, Buhari however, said power generation attained 7,001 megawatts capacity on September 12 adding that with increasing investment in the power sector, Nigeria hopes to achieve 10,000 megawatts of power supply in 2020.

The president said an investment avenue created for manufacturers, investors and exporters by the government had yielded $7 billion since its creation in April and consequently improved investors’ confidence while inflation rate has continued to drop and exchange rate appreciating from N525/$ in February to N360/$ at the moment.

He commended some state governments for supporting presidential agricultural initiative to boost the cultivation of rice, palm oil, rubber, cashew, cassava, potatoes and others crops.

“Since December last year, this Administration has produced over 7 million 50Kg bags of fertiliser. Eleven blending plants with a capacity of 2.1 million metric tons have been reactivated. We have saved $150 million in foreign exchange and N60 billion in subsidy. Fertiliser prices have dropped from N13,000 per 50Kg bag to N5,500.

“Furthermore, a new presidential initiative is starting with each state of the Federation creating a minimum of 10,000 jobs for unemployed youths, again with the aid of CBN’s development finance initiatives.

“Power remains a huge problem. As of September 12th, production of power reached an all — time high of 7,001 Megawatts. Government is increasing its investment, clearing up the operational and financial log jam bedeviling the industry. We hope to reach 10,000 Megawatts by 2020.

“Key priorities include better energy mix through solar and Hydro technologies. I am glad to say that after many years of limbo, Mambilla Power Project has taken off.

Elsewhere in the economy the special window created for manufacturers, investors and exporters, foreign exchange requirements has proved very effective. Since April, about $7 billion has come through this window alone. The main effect of these policies is improved confidence in the economy and better investment sentiments.

“The country has recorded 7 consecutive months of lower inflation, Naira rate is beginning to stabilize, appreciating from N525 per $1 in February this year to N360 today. Broad-based economic growth is leading us out of recession.

In an effort to stabilise the polity, he said the government had provided financial support to the tune of N1.642 trillion to the states to enable them pay salary arrears and pensions.”

On the fight against corruption, the president said corrupt elements had been attempting to frustrate the fight, using what he described as “judicial obstruction and political diversion.”

Nevertheless, he said to achieve optimal result, the government had empowered a team of prosecutors, assembled detailed databases and accelerated the recovery of stolen funds as he listed the administration’s institutional reforms to include: enforcing Treasury Single Account, Whistle-Blowers Policy and Integrated Payroll Personnel and Information System.

Buhari also listed further hopes of improving anti-graft war to include the signing of multi-lateral agreements with some countries as well as improved cooperation of the judiciary with federal government in the war against corruption.

He commended the National Assembly for refocusing its oversight committees as he called on Nigerians to join the war against corruption by refusing to accept bribe, reporting unethical practices and blowing the whistle.

“We have signed multi-lateral cooperation agreements on criminal matters with friendly countries. There are signs of increasing cooperation from the Judiciary. Recently the Chief Justice of the Federation directed Heads of all our courts of first instance and appeal to accelerate hearings of corruption cases and dismiss any judicial officers found to have been compromised. Justice Salami has just been appointed to chair the judiciary’s anti-graft committee. Government expects a lot from this committee.

“I commend the National Assembly for refocusing on its oversight committees. They should, in addition, ensure swift passage of enabling corruption laws. But fighting corruption is a bottom to top operation. I call on all Nigerians to combat corruption at every turn. By not asking for and refusing to accept a bribe, by reporting unethical practices or by blowing a whistle, together we can beat corruption.

“The government on its part will work for accountability at all levels – federal, state and local governments. Change will then be real. As we enter the second half of our term of office, we intend to accelerate progress and intensify our resolve to fix the country’s challenges and problems,” he submitted.

  • Buhari d scarecrow.

    Buhari is the most senseless president in the history of dis country,wot a joker infact dis man needs brain transplant immediately.

  • Uhualaowere Umudim

    I fear for Nigeria. Our approach over critical issues are wrong. This implied and subtle threat can for sure give us a short_lived solution

  • Mark Daniels

    Is Buhari sole argument against Biafra is you people should not call for independence because last time we committed genocide.

  • josvinco

    Whether calls for restructuring are inspired by divisive agitations or not. We believe it is the time that has come. The present APC government has not done much to really foster unity, peace and progress. But they only talk arrogantly and their claim to be left in the unmolested enjoyment of power they won through the elections that is almost eroding through lack of proper management. When Fulani herdsmen started to shoot , kidnap and maim members of the Nigerian communities, the internal affairs or National police chief failed to act. Must they have waited on the president to give directives to do their jobs or they turned deaf ears out of sheer incompetence? They promised to end the Boko haram menace and for once have not revealed the sponsors of the organization yet could tell us about IPOB’s.

  • Lawrence Okechukwu

    Buhari you are a hopeless terrorist. You have no respect for people and life. You glory in unleashing suffering and death on people. The world should know this but will pretend as if they don’t care. ISIS is better than you because they do not pretend to accept Western democratic principles. But you pretend while in reality, you are one of the deadliest terrorists the African continent has ever known. One day you will pay for all the lives you have cut short. You do not worth my listening to you. Whenever I see you or hear you, I feel a terror in me. God help us!!!!

  • Ogugua Enoch

    The president condemning the agitations without making any effort at addressing the issues that trumped up the agitations is very unfortunate.

  • anthony oguejiofor

    “In the past two years, Nigeria has recorded appreciable gains in political freedom. A political party at the centre losing elections of state governor, National Assembly seat and even state assemblies to the opposition parties is new to Nigeria. Added to these are complete freedom to associate, to hold and disseminate opinions.”
    Mr. President I disagree with you. Since the time of PDP, govt at the center lose elections at state and local levels and these aren’t achievement. Jonathan lost election as a sitting president and handed over to you. Former administration in Nigeria protected civil liberties and built competence in initiating dialogue and building consensus. I am disappointed I voted for you with your current level of crass incompetence and inability to genuinely call for peace across divides. You are the most divisive Nigerian ruler our nation has ever known. Every of your statement stoke the embers of division and agitation. I saw people praying for your death at the time you were on medical treatment and why do you think citizens would pray for the demise of their leader? They thought your death would bring an end to the suffering and division your administration is fostering on Nigeria

    • BankyMons

      Ntoor you voted for him ba? It serves all of you airheads right.

      • share Idea

        It is difficult to understand how people would be proud to have associated themselves with Buhari during the election inspite of abundance evidence that he was not fit to govern a local government talk-less of federal government.

        Hope some of them have learnt their lessons?

  • ayo

    This old man can never change.

  • Oracle

    Exact opposite Mr President: agitation called for restructuring!

  • William Norris

    The Niger Deltans are reverting to their old ways of cowardice, greed and fear. Though one can’t blame them too much. Better the slave-master you know than the new one who might be too vigorous in his drive to extract as much new wealth as possible from your backs!

    SOLUTION – the Igbo MUST make every effort to PUBLICLY state their steadfast commitment to the FREEDOM of the Niger Delta peoples, OUTSIDE ANY sort of Igbo domination. Write it down, make it part of Igbo cultural doctrine, whatever it takes.

    Enough said !!!

    • Jon West

      I agree. The Igbo must make a public declaration that they not want to have anything to do with the Niger Deltans , except good neighborliness and mutual security. Nothing else!!!!

  • Filia Eze

    Buhari feels that he has the power to stop Biafrans from becoming a sovereign nation. If the most high God, the God of Israel, Isaacs, Jacob and my God can uproot pharaoh when he hardened his heart to let the people of Israel go in order to occupy the land that he had promised them, who is Buhari to stop them?
    One thing I know for sure is that Biafran’s sovereignty will come like a miracle because God is already fighting the battle for his chosen people. Another thing I want Buhari and his cohort to understand is that the time has come for them to realise that God almighty has had the cry of his people and he continues to resist and oppress the Biafrans, he will see worst plagues than that of Pharaoh of Egypt when he refused to let the Lord’s chosen people transit to their promised. Therefore, Biafrans should be left alone to form their own government and build a new nation free of corruption and suppression. We all know the extent to which those political robbers working with Buhari out there have stollen the money meant for the benefit of the entire populace. So, what are we talking about? The decision for cessation has been taken and there is no going back. The Biafrans in the Northern region can nationalize in Nigeria if they want, while the Northerners who currently reside in Biafra land can become Biafran citizen if they want to do so. Every other person coming in would have to obtain a visa. No more, no less.

    • William Norris

      It’s always sad to read some Black African calling on the gods of other peoples to save them.

      Jesus & Yahweh didn’t save you in 1967 and He won’t save you today. He’s busy doing the work of His Own People, the Jews. That’s why He helped them establish Israel in 1948 and defeat their enemies in the various wars since that time.

      The British from whom you accepted Christianity didn’t support your freedom in 1967 even against a Muslim dominated enemy and you need to know it, they won’t support you today,

      You need a new story. Really. Damn…..

      • Paulocaesar

        WN, …fortunately there’s only one God, and He’s Just and Righteous, that’s what makes Him consistent. The Jew’s sought to know Him, and He made Himself known to them and promised salvation to mankind through them, He’s also known to all people who through faith believe in Him through Christ Jesus to be Righteous and Just, rather than otherwise.

        There’s no national god’s who belong to different tribes or ethnicities and to be revered and worshipped only by them, or to be whipped out of the sheath like a sword in endless “our potent god” vs. “your potent god” babalawo competitions as you portray….lol!.

        • William Norris

          Are you Igbo?

          If you’re not an Osu, would you marry an Osu?

          So much for your Christianity.

          There’s a reason Nnamdi Kanu is NOT a Christian.

          There’s a reason the Ijaw Niger Delta militants worship Egbesu.


          Read the link above and tell them everyone worships the same God. You Black Africans are really some dumb Apes.

          I still wish you a good Sunday !!!

          • Paulocaesar

            Thanks for the good Sunday wishes, and I wish you likewise.

            I perceive that you have developed a tough-skin, a protective armor of cynicism. Turn to Jesus my friend, He will imbue you with the Helper who will lead you through the dark passages in good cheer.

            For those who don on their gods by way of charms and amulets as they go to do battle I say carry on and best wishes.
            To each his own.

          • William Norris

            To each his own indeed, that’s the current state of the Igbo nation. After all, Christianity is about PERSONAL SALVATION, not so? Indeed, as Achebe wrote it, they have put a knife to the things that held you together, and you have fallen apart.

            LOL, you don’t even understand the permutations of your situation. It’s ALWAYS entertaining to read the stupid rationalizations of an African Christian. Stupid, self immolating Apes.

            Take it from me, Jesus won’t and can’t save you…not in 1967, not today.

          • Paulocaesar

            Stop already! I won’t still be left standing here if I hadn’t been saved.

            You and me are valuable to Jesus each day we draw breath. …”For He makes His sun to shine on the just and the unjust alike”….

            Jesus loves you. He gave His life for you, He believes in you!
            Imagine that! God Has confidence in YOU!
            “Be Holy as your Father in Heaven is Holy”

            Now as for the “Apes” thing, I don’t really believe you think of yourself that way, but you appear to have been in a world of pain and rejection for a long time.

            Time to love yourself don’t you think?…. and don’t worry about Igbos.
            God got this!…. really.

          • William Norris

            LOL…what a demented fool.

            God got this…..LOL, these Africans !!!

            Wait, is God going to send a Brigad of Angels to confront the 82 Division of the Nigeria Army?

            Anyway, Victory Comes From God Alone, but which God, that’s the question. In 1967 Allah was the winner and I’m betting the Jewish Homosexual Vagrant called Jesus is going to lose the next war for you too.

          • Paulocaesar

            Aahh you flatter me so…. I get it. I know I must degenerate and wallow in the mud sooner or later,…..but I understand I’ve given you enough to chew on and must’ve gotten to your inner core to get the bile spewing.

            Still “cast not your pearls before swine lest they trample it underfoot” applies generously to you so I leave you with how much I’ve preached to you as your wound is very deep.

            The bigger heave is yours to undertake.

          • Akaraka

            I’m really laughing out loud. Is quite funny when you label Africans as dumb Apes, isn’t it in the same context that Nnamdi Kanu refers to Nigeria as a ZOO. Because Africans regurgitate the same dump shit while hoping for a miracle to usher in a new order. Sometimes, perceived insults unmask hidden foolishness.

        • William Norris

          Nasty self hating Igbo people. When Boko Haram destroyed Churches inthe North you were crying crocodile tears, yet you Igbo Christians destroy and kill followers of your own ancestral religion.

          For shame !!!


          Christians Mimic Islamists in Attacks on Nigerian Culture
          by Dulue Mbachu
          May 21, 2015 — 6:00 PM EDT Updated on May 22, 2015 — 11:11 AM EDT

          Samuel Nwankwo drove past a mob in the southeastern Nigerian town of Umuoji unaware that it was heading to attack his home.
          As the chief priest of a traditional religion in the area, he’d become a target of a crowd of Christian youths who left a revival meeting where several preachers condemned the veneration of ancestral gods. They were bent on eradicating all symbols of such worship in the town of about 30,000 people.
          “They ransacked the Udume Abor shrine where we worshiped, then went to my house where they took religious objects and burned them,” Nwankwo, a 45-year-old former Christian pastor, said in an interview. “The entire house would have burned if neighbors didn’t put out the fire.”
          While Islamist militants loyal to Boko Haram in northern Nigeria and Islamic State in Syria destroy cultural sites they consider idolatrous, some Christian activists in the south of Africa’s most populous nation are also targeting ancestral religious worship. So far no one has been injured in the raids.
          More than 500 traditional-worship sites, mainly in the south, have been burned down in the past decade, along with artifacts that are often hundreds of years old and of historical significance, according to Emeka Uzoatu, a researcher affiliated to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, in the south east.
          Explosive Divisions
          Religious and ethnic divisions can be explosive in Nigeria, where more than 20,000 people have died in communal and sectarian violence in the past 15 years, according to tallies kept by Brussels-based International Crisis Group.
          Nigeria, home to Africa’s biggest economy and at least 250 ethnic groups, is almost evenly split between a mainly Muslim north and a predominantly Christian south. More than 10 percent of its 170 million people follow traditional religions in Africa’s top oil producer, with many maintaining allegiance to more than one faith.
          Attacks aimed at destroying cultural heritage around the world have reached an “unprecedented scale,” according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or Unesco.
          Paris-based Unesco started a Unite4Heritage movement this year to counter the drive for “cultural cleansing” by religious extremists such as Islamic State in Syria. Boko Haram, which has declared loyalty to Islamic State, looted and burned the Sukur world heritage site in Adamawa state in December.
          ‘War Crime’
          “The deliberate destruction of heritage is a war crime,” Unesco quoted its director-general, Irina Bokova, as saying in an e-mailed response to questions. “We will do everything possible to fight against this and document it, to ensure that those responsible are identified and brought to justice.”
          In Nigeria, looted items are often illegally trafficked to Europe and the U.S. where they’re bought by art collectors, according to the Abuja-based National Commission for Museums and Monuments. The agency, set up to protect Nigeria’s cultural heritage, estimates the country’s artifacts in circulation in the global market are worth about 310 billion naira ($1.6 billion).
          The Archaeological Association of Nigeria estimates that people have been persuaded by pastors and churches to hand over ancestral objects worth at least $500 million in the past decade to prove they no longer practice traditional worship.
          “When I was growing up the Christians were a tiny minority and traditionalists were the vast majority,” said Nze Oforkire Ezenwa, a 63-year-old former Catholic who reverted to his ancestral religious practices 15 years ago and became a local leader. “Now we have changed places; it’s the other way around.”
          Criminal Prosecution
          Since 2008 Ezenwa has been pursuing the criminal prosecution of three Catholic priests and several congregation members for their alleged involvement in burning and destroying the Ezekoro shrine in the town of Achina, 40 kilometers (25 miles) south of the Anambra state capital, Awka.
          The attack was preceded by a three-day revival meeting, with the destruction taking place on the final day.
          “They destroyed very precious artifacts that were hundreds of years old, and looted many others,” Ezenwa said in an interview at his home in Achina, which was decorated with traditional motifs and carvings. “Their next target was my house, as I was singled out in their preaching as the main leader of demon worshipers. By then our people had mobilized to stop them.”
          Cultural Evidence
          Charges filed against the accused priests and six laymen at a court in nearby Ekwulobia town include destruction of a place of worship, stealing and violent disturbance, according to court documents obtained by Bloomberg.
          The Catholic Secretariat of Nigeria in the capital, Abuja, didn’t respond to phone calls, e-mails and an office visit to Christian Anyanwu, a priest and spokesman of the church.
          “There are those cases where mobs, often after a night of a religious-revival meeting, charge to a local shrine to destroy it,” Uzoatu, the university researcher, said in an interview in the southeastern city of Onitsha. “There are also those cases where individuals voluntarily destroy shrines and artifacts they inherited from their ancestors. The result is always the same, vital cultural evidence is lost.”
          The government needs to fund an educational campaign against the destruction of cultural artifacts, Joseph Mangut, secretary of the Archaeological Association of Nigeria, said in a phone interview.
          “The citizens need to know and be educated on the fact that we would never know where we are going to if we do not know where we came from,” he said.

          • Paulocaesar

            I read the article,… you’ seem to have mastered the art of conflating several issues in scatterbrain fashion and then unleashing a volley or more verbal tirades and then rest for awhile.

            You are the roforfo champion for sure. Kudos.

          • William Norris

            Are you going to DENY what’s in the article now? It’s a report from a REPUTABLE newspaper. Is that the only comment you have?

            Igbo Christian evangelicals have DESTROYED MANY THOUSANDS of Odinani shrines in the past 10 to 15 years and killed many of their followers and pillaged and cleansed many villages.

            I can post you a DETAILED report from the Washington Times. Mr Christian Igbo, you wanna read it?

            Your so called piety is a front that serves only for SELF DECEPTION, it didn’t impress the British in 1967 and they sure don’t fall for it NOW.

            Piss off, you’re an idiot.

          • Paulocaesar

            You’re very angry!….lol!

          • William Norris

            Indeed, just as I’m sure you were angry when Boko Haram was destroying Igbo churches in the North.

            See, decent humans like me detest all kinds of bigotry, hypocrisy and greed that is the cultural norm among the Igbo.

            Yeah, anger is in order here. You’re a Christian, what are you….HAPPY?

          • Paulocaesar

            Congrats for all your efforts and righteous indignation on behalf of Igbos…lol

      • Filia Eze

        Blessed are those who have the God of Israel, Isaac and Jacob as their God. Just in case you don’t know

  • Remi Adeyeye

    Mr. Buhari, Happy Independent Day! You are about the only Nigerian leader I personally have found worthy of that title. Nigeria has major problems and I trust you are doing everything you can to solve some of them. Unfortunately, there was never “independence” for Nigeria. It was more a transfer of the power of colonial exploitation from the British to Nigeria-born colonialists. Those comparing your administration unfavorably with any past administrations seem to me to miss the point altogether. It is impossible for a country led by people who have voluntarily accepted enslavement of their minds for the benefit of enjoying the rewards of colonial education that has thought them how to rob their own people blind to ever make consistent progress. To find an individual raised in that environment still with some amount of conscience and dedication to honorable service is rare. In that respect, you are indeed a rare Nigerian leader. For that, I congratulate you and wish you more progress in your efforts to restore a level of dignity to Nigeria.

  • Fowad

    There is really no need for speech if it will not address real challenges facing the people

  • AriseNigeria

    The New face of terrorism in Nigeria today is Mumuhead Buhari, retaining the status quo is the message he preached today, what that means in literal sense is this

    (1) Killer Fulani herdsmen will continue to kill and terrorize everyone and everywhere with Buhari’s backing, and do it with impunity and full support of the Islamist Northern Government of Nigeria

    (2) Islamization Agenda will continue unchecked

    (3) Restructuring or anything to correct the inherit injustice that clearly unfair and unjust will continue with full military backing.

    (5) Freedom of association except it promotes Hausa.Fulani current domination will be met with brutal force, including killings

    (6)Resource control is out of the window, the Islamist North will continue to control 85% of oil wells, continue to take to themselves, 65% of oil revenue through their self-allocated local government numerical advantage. Niger Delta region will continue to witness more exploitation and environmental degradation.

    (7) The fate, hope and aspirations of Biafrans, and any other ethnic minority in Nigeria will be at the mercy of the Hausa/Fulani Muslim Council or express approval from them.

    (8) Hausa/Fulani brand of Islamic democracy will be the only allowed system in Nigeria, a combination of Arewa Youths and their Islamist Nigerian Army siding how things will be governed in Nigeria.

    (9) Pastors, their wives and Christians will continue to have their heads cut off for preaching Jesus Christ in the North, because Sharia Laws in those regions sees it as an offense and an insult to Islam.

    (10) The Islamic outlook that sees any form of Western Civilization is evil will continue with full military backings and enforcement, that means electricity, music, arts and culture will be under assault.


  • AriseNigeria

    Buhari it is your terrorist acts, your economic and political subjugation, your sharia laws, your islamization agenda, your open discrimination, your arrest and detained unlawfully and your refusal to abide by the law and court orders, , including your unprovoked killings of unarmed Biafrans, that brought us to agitate for our sovereign nation. You and your people has terrorized this nation since it became independence from Nigeria. you burn churches for any excuse. You behead pastors for preaching about Christ because preaching about Christ insults Islam. You killed minority Christians, destroy their farms, and your Islamist Police commissioners watches and provide protection for the killers, even El-rufue Governor of Kaduna admitted that he know the killer Fulanis, but could only paid them to stop. It is your years and centuries of terrorist acts against us, that made us to rise and say enough is enough. Instead of you repenting from your murderers recorded paths, you have vowed to kill another 2 million or more to make sure the status quo remains. WE WILL RESIST AND WE WILL WIN, BECAUSE THE JUST GOD WILL ALWAYS FIGHT ON THE SIDE OF THE OPPRESSED. THERE IS A BIGGER ARMY, MIGHTIER IN STRENGTH THAN YOUR RAGTAG ISLAMIST KILLER ARMIES. TODAY, WE CELEBRATE OUR SPIRITUAL FREEDOM FROM THE EVIL ENCLAVE CALLED NIGERIA, IT CAME ON A HOLY CHRISTIAN SUNDAY, NOT BLACK FRIDAY, THE DAY OUR LORD WAS CRUCIFIED, BUT ON A SUNDAY THE DAY OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS-CHRIST ROSE FROM THE DEAD.


  • NextChallenge

    I can’t wait to vote out this antiquated old Man from Daura. Nigerians, we have entered one chance. He is talking about National Assembly and constitution. He did not remember that in 1983 when he committed treason and over threw constitutional order. The criminal should be in jail for overthrowing the constitutional in 1983. It is a crime that must be paid for.
    What a joke? Power really intoxicates. I am so sorry for this country.

  • AriseNigeria


    Watch Muhammad Buhari’s grandson in terror training camp in Yemen. Mumuhead Buhari is a terrorist.

  • Henry

    All over the civilized world the destiny and the development trajectory of nations are not left only in hands of of politicians or political actors and state institutions. Everyone including the press, civil society organizations, the academia, local communities, cultural organizations, pressure groups and indeed everyone has a role. Buhari’s fixation on the national and states assembles as the only legitimate places to discuss the direction of government or the fate of the nation is deliberate, mischievous and fraudulent. He says this knowing the Northern military, not the Nigerian military, because we have never had a true Nigerian military even till date foisted an unbalanced nation that favors the north over the rest of Nigeria. A commentator described the current structure and the federal government as a lead car of a long convoy of vehicles driving at 35 km/hr and forcing everyone behind to dive at that speed thereby forcing cars like Ferrari, Mercedes, BMW, Lexus, cars that can do 200 km/hr to drive at 35/min . Why won’t the federal government get out of the way and allow all regions run at their own speed.
    The 1963 constitution allowed the regions to keep 50% of their resources, 25% put in a pool to be shared by all the regions and 25% to the central government in an arrangement that protected the weak and allowed the component parts the liberty to express themselves. Buhari sees Nigeria from his ethnic prism therefore has divided the nation more than any other leader in Nigeria’s history. Restructuring bus has since left the bus station and the APC government should know that any attempt to stop it will break this nation violently. We are better together as one nation but every part must be allowed to take its destiny in its hands because we are different people with different cultures and aspiration.
    The present structure has made Nigeria a complete failed state despite our resources. There is no institution that is capable of delivering world class services. I am from the Niger delta and the peace the president alludes to is a peace of the grave yard because we all are asking the question when the oil looses its values 30 years from today with our land destroyed and nothing to show for it what do we tell our children.How do we survives without arable land and rivers polluted. We need to get hold of our resources now and build an economy that can sustain the next generation or else the region will be doomed.We are not bothered about the so called might of the Northern military establishment we have fought before they hurriedly granted the agitators amnesty. Every one in the Niger Delta in particular and indeed the entire Southern Nigeria as a matter of urgency ask his question what are we going to bequeath to the next generation if Buhari stands against restructuring this country.

    • Ibro

      Please direct some of this Qs to your leaders

    • Ibro

      Please Henry bear in mind that one day we stage a war to regain what rightly belong to us ,we will not care about the lives it will cost us . To hell with one nigeria .

  • American

    No mr illiterate president. Your hatred of Igbos inspired increased agitations.

  • Arabakpura

    So what did Gen Buhari’s senseless 97%5% talk do to Nigeria?

    • AriseNigeria

      Stupidity and foolishness, illiteracy and Boko Haram in-charge-of his Islamist Army, he called all Igbo leaders as irresponsible for not telling their Children about their 1967 GENOCIDE, WHICH HE NOW SAYS HE WILL REPEAT, BUT THIS IS 2017, We got a better weapon that he can NEVER win, and his illiterate and uneducated mind cannot comprehend it. THREATENING ANOTHER GENOCIDE AGAINST BIAFRANS WILL NOT SUPPRESS, DETER, NOT STOP OUR RIGHTS TO BE FREE FROM TERRORIST HAUSA/FULANI NIGERIA. WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE. SOON, SANCTIONS WILL COME HARD ON NIGERIA, AND THE COUNTRY WILL NATURALLY COLLAPSE. THIS IS A WAR THAT MUMUHEAD CANNOT NOT WIN.

      • Arabakpura

        But there was no elder in his Daura village to call him to order when he divided Nigeria before commencing his military rule! They must be all irresponsible old men in his hometown!

        • AriseNigeria

          You know many of these individuals are busy running after cattle’s, and their environment is nothing but violence, they’re products of violence. Buhari attended Koranic education, where most of class mates are the same people that became radicalized Islamist, so the language they know and where taught were guns, knives, sticks, there is nothing in their heads but violence. So, how do you imagine rationality to emerge from such terror driven environment. The truth is that he came at the wrong time, and quite frankly his coming is helping to hasten Biafran cause. In 1967, the Russian Communist ideology did not quite helped the Biafran cause, because America and Russians were fighting ideological wars, and some capitalist nations then were not too sure that Biafrans true ideological motives, but in this 21 st century, Hausa/Fulani is today on map as communities that exports terrorism around the world. We live and breath information age, so, those fools who thought “military might” alone is the game changer, are obvious oblivious of our time, AND THAT IS WHY BIAFRA IS WINNING, AND WILL EVENTUALLY BECOME INDEPENDENT. WE KNOW THAT AS A FACT, ALL THINGS BEEN EQUAL, AND BUHARI IS A MAJOR FACTOR IN MAKING BIAFRA A REALITY.

      • forestgee

        His hate speech of the “blood of dogs and baboon” led to the killing of 11 NYSC members in 2011 – in the North! Today hypocrites are everywhere spewing nonsense.

        • AriseNigeria

          He is an ANIMALASSHOLE

  • AriseNigeria

    Animal in the Aso Rock-Mumuhead Buhari has warned agitators for “Restructuring” as leading the cause for succession, and therefore threaten to suppress them. The uneducated certificate forger whose corroboration with Sani Abacha led to the death of Ken Sara Wiwa, has praised Edwin Clark for gathering as much willing slaves as possible inside the Huasa/Fulani slave ships, and therefore, their leaders should expect some patronage. The animalasshole, should be reminded that we do not bend to the wills and intimidation of world known terrorist -the Hausa/Fulani. We will mount pressure on your stinking old ass until the international community stop supplying with arms, then we will know how you plan to kill 2million Biafrans with cow sticks. You are born-to- lose Mr. Mumuhead Buhari-Illiterate vagabond from Duala, Katsina, and ANIMALSSHOLE

    • Kenny Dee

      I agree with u ..100% .. just like the queen’s speech is written by parliament in the U.K. And she has no option but to read it. Thats how this mad man is handed same by his kaduna Mafia to chat shit ! Buhari is by far the worst president Nigeria has produced.

      • forestgee

        He was rejected many times in the past until some EVIL collaborators went and dug the man out; foisted him on us. More Nigerians have committed suicide, besides herdsmen killings, during the time of this government; more than at any time in the history of this Country!

  • Jon West

    These people never learn, even from very recent history. Instead of listening to the voices of the people and acting on their agitation for change, you are busy using the now outed and discredited divide and rule tactics of the Fulani hegemonists and their British runners in a previous era , to muddy the relationship between the Southsouth and the Southeast, in order to continue the exploitation and despoliation of the oil and gas resources of both regions.

    Pray, what have the very responsible Southsouth leaders gotten for their devastated peoples by cooperating with your Fulani Government? You want to bribe them to keep quiet while your people, who have no drop of oil , own most of the oil blocs in the Niger delta.
    How the Niger delta leaders and the peoples actually listen to people like you really is beyond my comprehension. However, on the bright side, the Nigerian narrative has swung to the favour of the separatists. Nobody, except the parasites from you know where, is interested in the continuation of the status quo in Nigeria. Soooner , rather than later, the story of this unjust, parochial and backward system that is the current presentation of the failed state of Nigeria will come to an end.

    Babylon always falls and this one is headed down the road to perdition. Sai Baba, the Great Game is in Extra Time. Its almost all over!!

    • Arabakpura

      General Buhari is the most irresponsible President to rule Nigeria! We thought his age would confer some wisdom on him but alas, he is an old man bereft of wisdom and who likes to disrupt his own meetings!

    • forestgee

      Correct. A despotic tribal bigot masquerading as a Nationalist cannot provide unbiased leadership. That is the sadness of the moment

  • Yusuf Dahiru

    The President has cited the claims as legitimate, he also doesn’t want criminals and those who do not wish the country well to do damage to such claims, please let’s rally round Mr. president for the good of this country.

    • Admonisher

      Thank you


      The entire south should resist buhari, there is no leadership in him. Of course you are happy because his attitude favours the north.
      The south feeds the north and yet the north deprives the south.
      But there will be an end to this slavery in no distant time. We are praying and our God will answer.

  • Ade Whenu

    Unfortunately on the subjected of restructuring, Buhari’s position is antiquated, as it is flawed. He should recognise, those agitating are doing so for legitimate reasons and I do not feel inspired by anything he said, that there will be any concerted efforts to address the source of agitation.

    To simply expect south eastern elders(who are mostly part of the problem) to speak to the youths, as a solution to the problem’ is tantamount to the president having a pipe dream and being extremely clueless.

    Restructuring will also benefit the North, if that is what the president is scared of. Yes people make so much noise about oil revenue. Yet Nigeria has never generated $100 billion from oil in a calendar year..

    Yet the Netherlands, a country half the size of Niger state, makes over $100 billion from agricultural products annually. So the North has immense potential to be the richest by a million miles by restructuring.

    • Don Franco

      Dear Ade Whenu,

      Buhari’s antiquated sentiment against restructuring is the consensus of opinion across the core North of Nigeria, and Governor El Rufai said as much at Chatham House two weeks ago.
      Before now, Igbo elders have been on the take and intimidated by Abuja hegemons, this is why they couldn’t speak their minds or express the views of our youth. Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB changed all that by their tireless agitation for a Biafran republic. The elderly are on their way out; young Igbo are committed to achieve Biafra in this lifetime.
      Professors Nwabueze and Oyebode, as Constitutional lawyers have advised Buhari that the restructuring of Nigeria lies with the people and constituent assembly, NOT the National Assembly, but it takes a GCE certificate to understand these things.
      Ultimately, there will be no restructuring and the alternative is disintegration, which some of us are getting ready for.

    • papred06

      They need to revive agriculture in the North.

  • Sarah

    PMB, it is attempts to stifle or wish away calls for Restructuring that feed the rise of criminal secessionists and demagogues.
    Our Federation as presently structured is patently UNJUST, even if the judged by the way we have continuously expropriated and abused our Niger Delta compatriots’ Oil.
    Restructuring captures all areas that stakeholders in ONE UNITED NIGERIA believe we should change to ensure we have a just, equitable & prosperous Federation.
    All regions are not equally endowed. Hence we already see that some states are successfully asking FGN for control of federal roads. On the other hand other states lack the capacity for effective self administration and prefer to be attached to FGN’s apron strings.
    The Restructuring debate should cater for these two emerging visions. Those regions capable of self managed should take on more responsibilities and resource control. Those that lack capacity or Will should continue to be looked after by FGN.

    • Don Franco

      Dear Sarah,

      Finally, it is becoming clear to you that your Sai Babarity is not accurately calibrated, or else, why does your President still insist that Nigeria will not be restructured?
      Senility and deafness are terrible ailments to the extent that they have pushed a hapless contraption to the edge of the precipice.
      Buhari has inadvertently chosen disintegration over restructuring and your tireless support for his actions is responsible for this outcome, Sarah.
      I’m sure you are happy now, please clap for yourself.

      • Sarah

        You appear to have mixed up my commitment to ONE UNITED INDISSOLUBLE Nigeria with what you call “..Saibabarity..”.
        My support for any government at the centre is dependent on their commitment to defending Nigeria’s territorial integrity.
        Indeed I am on record as having called for the impeachment of Buhari/Osinbajo should they fail to effectively suppress Ipob/Arewa Youth by 15 September 2017. They have not done too badly in that regard.

        • William Norris

          Don’t worry, the Igbo don’t want to leave Nigeria. You just have to understand that their reasons for wanting to leave and the reasons they will remain ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.

          Anyway, read this very interesting quote from elder statesman Richard Akinjide just this morning in Thisday. Hope you know who he is?

          And once they had the amalgamation in 1914, Lugard became governor general of Nigeria. First of all in 1910, there were two governors in Nigeria – governor of the South and governor of the North. Did they consult you before they merged us together? They didn’t consult anybody. It was on their own in 1914 that they just issued a British Order in Council and merged us together without consulting anybody.

          It was since then that problem began till today, and that problem has not stopped. And I don’t see it stopping, because the northerners think they should be ruling Nigeria whether they know how to rule or not. Have you toured the North? I was Pro-chancellor, University of Jos. The North is so backward and I have my doubt if they think of progress. And if they think of progress, I will be surprised. I have toured the whole of the North – from Sokoto to Maiduguri, Jos to other areas across the North. Just name it. They don’t think the way we think. We think differently and our problem is the British.

          Why must the British merge us together? They merged us together for their own economic interest. It is as simple as that. Not for our own development or greatness but for their selfish interest and it is because they don’t want our development. Since that amalgamation, there has been nothing right in Nigeria. The people who made the matter worse were the military who now created states, from 12 states to 19 states and so on.

          Can you tell me what is the common denominator between the Igbo and the Yoruba? If there is, I don’t know, may be you can tell me. What is the common denominator between Hausa /Fulani and the Igbo? If there is, tell me. Nothing. They just did it for the economic interest of Britain. Now, look at the whole of Africa, all the French speaking country of Africa are used for the progress of France. Tell me in what way does the economic interest of French speaking countries in Africa benefits Africans? When people are not the same, it is a fraud to merge them together and force them to be the same.

          LOL….despite those differences, which sometimes manifest in deadly serious ways, you remain committed to Unity. But of course. Every educated Nigerian is animated by the same petro-patriotism and care not one whit about the INJUSTICES you wrote about in your earlier post. So the INJUSTICES will continue as long as Nigeria remains “united”, which ever way you define unity.

          Have a blessed work week!

          • Sarah

            Akinjide and his ilk LIE whenever they claim our people were not consulted on whether we wanted to be in the same nation. Indeed Awolowo (Yoruba, West), Azikiwe (Igbo, East) and Bello (Hausa, North) WILLINGLY entered their people’s into the Nigerian Federation after several months of deliberation. They then agreed a constitution that prohibited secession. Note also that at least twice during the process Bello threatened to have the federation dissolved if the others won’t slow down to accommodate his people’s pace. Rather than leave the federation Awolowo and Azikiwe chose to remain on behalf of their people.
            Furthermore, were you around in 1979 when this same Akinjide helped Shagari to defeat Awolowo at the courts and win the Presidency. He was promptly rewarded with position of Attorney General of the Federation until Buhari’s coup. Apparently Nigerian unity was good as long as it favoured him.

          • William Norris

            You are kinda correct, that’s what I tell Igbo people here all the time. But note that the ENTIRE COLONIAL PROJECT was imposed by FORCE in the first place. Your comment up there makes it sound almost like Nigerian tribes volunteered to join the Empire.

            American Abroad once told me that the empty lands of Nigeria belonged to nobody so the British rightly took ownership of same.

            Another person wrote that the various tribes signed treaties with the British which legitimized the taking of their resources, in that case he was talking about the coal deposits in Enugu.

            Are you guys OK?

          • Sarah

            My point is that the 3 leaders at independence had the option option of being 3 independent countries but chose to stay together.
            Amalgamation was imposed but the option to separate existed at independence.

          • Mo

            You, Sarah, are the one lying now. How could Azikiwe, Awolowo and Ahmadu Bello have led their people into the federation?
            At the time of the amalgamation in 1914, Zik was 9 years old, Awo was 5 and Bello was 4.
            However, I know that Akinjide is a hypocrite: I listened to an interview he gave about a decade ago, where he mocked all those arguing for restructuring and secession at that time.

          • William Norris

            Wisdom comes with age. I think.

            LOL !!!

          • Sarah

            Please read my comment again for comprehension.
            I am not arguing that the 3 leaders agreed to Amalgamation. That was certainly imposed.
            My point is that it is MISLEADING to claim that the people were never given a choice on whether or not to be together.
            Very clearly Awolowo, Azikiwe & Bello all had the option of being 3 independent countries in 1957/60 period but WILLINGLY entered their people into the Federation.
            They exercised the choice on our behalf.

          • Don Franco

            Dear Sarah,

            Must you continue to make a fool of yourself? What choice do people who were already amalgamated, without consultation and against their wish since 1914 have in 1957 or 1960 to not remain one country? Are you not able to see that the amalgamation was expressly induced to have the effect of a predetermined outcome in 1960? Where did you go to law school for Christ sake?

          • share Idea

            Her point of view is like what is currently happening in Nigeria at the moment where the military have so much created many states and structures that farvour the North and any agitator for restructuring is being directed to forward proposal to same institution (NASS) that is skewed in farvour of the North for amendment.

          • Don Franco

            You’re absolutely right. .. I sympathize with her inability to comprehend the illogic of her position.

          • Sarah

            You demonstrate the same delusional mindset that led you into Ipob quagmire by equating your wish to historical facts.
            FACT: Awolowo, Azikiwe, & Bello had the option to leave the federation or remain. Indeed they the example of Pakistan that split off from Old India at independence a decade earlier.
            FACT: The 3 leaders chose not to include a right to secession in the Constitution. In fact it was reported that Awolowo sought to include right to secession but Azikiwe and Bello out-voted him.
            We are where we are now because Awolowo and Azikiwe could not call Bello’s bluff and abandon the Federation when Bello insisted on delaying independence till 1960.
            Also, in hindsight, Azikiwe and Bello appear to have been short-sighted for voting against Awolowo’s ‘…right to secession clause…’ in the independence constitution.

          • William Norris

            The initial and BASIC damage was done in 1914. That’s the point.

            I repeat, some errors are very difficult to undo.

          • Ibro

            There were so many consultations held in London with all parties involves unfortunate most of them were loyal to British

          • share Idea

            @disqus_QZpHpZSyVt:disqus you are talking about Independence while @disqus_sfJtlPiD8w:disqus quoted excerpt on amalgamation of South & North in 1914. Have you ever bothered to ask why did European countries are mostly along people of same culture and language?

            With the inherent differences in culture and languages elucidated in the article, it will take great miracle for Nigeria to make progress

        • share Idea

          Have they suppressed IPOB/Arewa? What do you mean by suppressing – killing unarmed cillian and tagging one ethnic group terrorist while feigning ignorance of existence of Arewa?


      Your last sentence is not obtainable. Why will FG cater for those who won’t cater for themselves and from whose purse? That is our current situation, where resources from some regions are used to feed others at the detriment of the productive regions.
      I hope your realisation of what this buhari govt represents in not temporary. The man will not support restructuring because his kastina state is one of those sucking the nation. There are many failed states in the north. But just like they resisted independence but it came to pass, this will also come to pass.

      • Sarah

        Our current situation is a Federation. Part of the ways a Federation works is that the stronger federating units support the weaker ones.
        The problem with the Nigerian Federation, initiated by Aguiyi Ironsi & entrenched by Yakubu Gowon is that there has been structural unification. So the centre now controls resources found in the federating units.
        Part of the goals of restructuring will be to return those rights back to units. The units will pay taxes to the centre which is then used to cater for weaker units.


          In a true federalism, the center will not cater for any unit. Money at the center will be used for issues of national interest like security, defence, etc.

          • Sarah

            In a true Federal system the centre may support weaker units. It depends on the Constitution upon which the Federation is built.

          • PRIME MINISTER

            You don’t sound differently from APC.

        • William Norris

          The RELUCTANCE of one unit to support another is due to LACK OF COMMONALITY between them. That’s a NATURAL HUMAN TENDENCY, same reason YOU would cater for your children first before donating to an orphanage.

          Germany has STEADFASTLY refused to cater for Greece, it’s their right even within the EU. That’s the kind of Union Nigeria needs, not the current type where the Niger Delta is forced to cater for everyone at the point of a gun.

          • Sarah

            Your EU/Germany/Greece example is not relevant to the Nigerian situation. EU is not a Federation but an association of independent countries.
            The more relevant example would be federal states within Germany or United States or Switzerland. Within these countries taxes are collected by the centre and used to subsidize weaker units/states.
            The extent to which this subsidizing should occur will be defined by each individual country’s Constitution.

          • William Norris

            The Igbo, Efik, Nupe, Yoruba, Igala….they have a NATURAL RIGHT to control their politica, economic and social destinies. They were FORCED into the Nigerian Union by the UK and as of now, THE LEAST that a reasonable government should do is to put the Nigerian Federation on a firm footing by giving each tribe the most possible autonomy.

            Unfortunately, the advent of crude oil & natural gas has provoked an obsessive greed and laziness in the NIGERIAN PEOPLE, as individuals….which is reflected in their government. As it is now, I’m confident that the VAST MAJORITY OF NIGERIANS, including the Igbo and the Niger Deltans, will vote to remain within Nigeria under the present structure. For the Igbo it might take a powerful inducement like the Presidency to they can rob and loot for a decade or so and satiate their hunger for extreme appropriation without work.

            It’s MADNESS to continue with this all powerful Unitary government in a Nigeria with not one single basis of commonality….not tribe, not culture, not religion. It’s CRAZY. I would be an advocate of breaking the country up except that I know the UK won’t allow it.

            Like I said though, educated Nigerians – who have made themselves into 2nd rate Britons – like it this way. THAT’S WHY THEY VOTED FOR BUHARI & APC. The CURRENT EVIDENCE is their rejection of reasonable electricity tariffs. It’s just part of the Black African nature…..lazy, self hating, greedy, superstitious and short sighted.

            Nigeria will continue as it is and produce the same results it always has, which is a country near the bottom of the world in all measures of progress, unable to satisfy the expectations of its population.