Woman of Steel: Telemundo’s Alternative to HBO’s Game of Thrones


Vanessa Obioha

Arguably, America’s oldest cable and satellite television network Home Box Office (HBO) is home to compelling and suspense filled TV drama series. Over the years, it has churned out gripping tales that turned viewers to couch potatoes. Think of Sex and the City, Entourage, True Blood and fans favourite Game of Thrones which missed out in the Emmys for the first time. HBO’s creative ability to sustain viewer’s interest over a period of time is perhaps its winning streak. Yet, no one enjoys that painful long wait for another season of a riveting TV series. If viewers were to have their way, they would want the filming process of popular TV series like Game of Thrones to be hurried. The HBO production recently concluded its final episode and viewers will have to wait for at least one more year for the concluding season to be aired.

No doubt, there are tons of TV shows on air but none comes with the thrilling drama and suspense that Game of Thrones has become famous for like Telemundo’s Woman of Steel.

In more ways than one, the American-Spanish terrestrial TV network owned by NBCUniversal operates similarly to HBO. Apart from both companies being in the media and entertainment industry for too long, they have also entertain their wider audiences with captivating TV shows.

Since the network joined the DStv family,it has constantly thrilled viewers with captivating telenovelas, and for the first time, it is airing a telenovela in a series format. Woman of Steel as the name implies celebrates the valiance and confidence of exceptional women.

Its first season introduced us to the fearless and determined Sara Aguilar, played by the former beauty queen Blanca Soto, who was forced to transform from a jubilant bride into money laundering crime lord after the murder of her husband. She soon became the most revered woman in the underworld.

With the president and some other crucial enemies in high places hot on her heels, Sara was eventually captured by the police and even though Manuel, her love interest, tried to take the fall for all her crimes, his gesture of love fell flat as Sara’s arrest was of utmost importance to the powers that be.

In the second season,which is currently airing on Telemundo, DStv Channel 118, Sara returns with more fierceness, motivated by her undying love for her son. She excites viewers with her mission to take revenge on all her enemies.
This new season opens with Sara in prison, waiting out her five-year sentence. When she receives news of a kidnapping of her only son, she attempts a prison break but fails and is sentenced to further 25 years in prison.

Litzy, Luis Resendez, Jorge Zarate, Aurora Gil, Andy Zuno, Luciana Silveyra are some of the fan favourites back to reprise their roles in the series with the inclusion of a couple of new faces and characters all blending together to create stellar performances in the show.

Like Game of Thrones, Woman of Steel does well to create intimate scenes with class and taste all the while painting a compelling picture of the thin line between right and wrong and the stumbling blocks women who dominate in a predominantly man’s world are likely to face.

With a total of 75 episodes this season fans should expect thrills, well choreographed fight scenes, and a whirlwind of emotions as we are thrown into the mix of a mother’s love and the consequences that lie therein.