Brandzone’s National Branding Conference to Discuss National Growth


Brandzone in collaboration with the Centre for Values in Leadership (CVL) founded by Professor Pat Utomi is hosting a 2-day National Branding Conference themed ‘Branding: A Catalyst for Development and Growth’ in Lagos next month. The conference is designed to create a distinct image that will position the nation positively in the minds of her citizens and the international community.

In its 4th year, the conference is an annual Thought Leadership Series – Brand Innovation Conference, created by Brandzone Consulting. This year’s conference is a strategic response to the country’s quest for an appropriate narrative for country, and the need to project her diversity to the world. Specifically, the conference will address the need for Nigerians to take ownership of and start promoting more positive narratives around ‘Brand Nigeria’.

With practical insights from the some of the country’s most accomplished business leaders, policy makers and entrepreneurs, this year’s national branding conference shall be chaired by the Chairman of First Bank of Nigeria, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika. It is anticipated to stimulate deliberations that will provide a framework for creating appropriate narratives about Nigeria. Additionally, the framework will halt continued interpretation of the country through a limited prism at the expense of her highly-diversified economy and enterprising population.

As Nigeria’s most influential industry conference, the annual Brand Innovation Conference is a transformation platform that leverages its extensive network of experienced and accomplished speakers to offer perspectives on and proffers solution to issues of national, economic and social importance.

Accordingly, this year’s conference will kick-start the journey to creation of positive narratives that will showcase areas of endeavours currently driving positive development and creating growth opportunities for the nation. Contributions of sectors such as solid minerals, mining, agriculture, travels, hospitality, globalisation and entertainment, fashion & life style will be accentuated to substantiate the place of SMEs as the growth engines of the Nigerian economy.

Speaking on the conference, Managing Partner, Brandzone and Convener Brand Innovation Conference, Chizor Malize, noted “the National conference will serve as a precursor to an envisioned national branding story that will create a sense of pride in Nigeria and earn Nigeria the admiration and collaboration of the international community, particularly the leading nations of the world. We have identified experienced speakers and industry thought leaders who have done remarkable great things building credible operations and businesses across the public and private sectors such as technology, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, consumer goods, SMEs, entertainment and style.

These speakers shall highlight their areas of impact in the diverse sectors, sharing the core positive attributes that have driven the demonstrable success, which have catalyzed growth in their diverse areas of endeavor and the nation as a whole. The objective is to tap from such remarkable performances to find positive narratives capable of providing opportunities in defining the nation’s core essence”.

Earlier, a co-convener of the conference, Prof. Pat Utomi, had said that “the conference will provide a realistic outcome that will serve as resources driving a positive change in mind set while creating the much-required narratives for Nigeria and empower every Nigerian with appropriate themes to project the country”.

The conference is focused on achieving collective intelligence and hinged on collection and documentation of fresh knowledge and insights. Therefore, the two-day event will start with plenary sessions with resource and faculty drawn from the public and private sectors, while day two of the conference will run as a workshop where participants will create a national brand experience journey as part of the process of mapping our strong brand narrative. In addition to the plenary sessions and workshops the National Branding Conference is designed to have an exhibition of high opportunity sectors such as SMEs, Agriculture, Agro allied products, technology, production and locally produced consumer goods which contribute to development and growth and combine to create positive stories for the nation. The conference shall provide fresh insights and new knowledge to continue creating the most innovative strategies and ideas for projecting our nation positively.