Litzy Still Eyes Hollywood


Vanessa Obioha

She is not in a hurry, at least for now to be in the klieg lights of Hollywod. The Mexican actress however still believes that her long nurtured dream to rub shoulders with famous actors in the America’s film industry is still attainable. She had earlier prepared for the task by attending an acting school in Los Angeles. The skills acquired earned her roles in Mexican movies such as ‘Subversiòn Total’ and ‘Borderline’.Yet, she is still miles away from the Hollywood dream.
For now, she discloses in an email, she is taking it easy.

“It takes hard work. I have to keep preparing with acting classes, accent reduction classes and do all the castings my managers get for me. And hopefully, one day I will get a part. But at the same time I’m not in a rush. I know it’s difficult, so I’ll just keep working and enjoying each step of my career.”

Born Litzy Vanya Domínguez Balderas , the 34 year-old actress is a popular face in Telemundo telenovelas. Her first role with the company’s production was ‘Daniela’ after winning a reality acting contest organised by the company. She would go on to feature in other productions such as Amarte Asi (Amarte Asi), ‘Maid in Manhattan (Una Maid en Manhattan) and more recently ‘Woman of Steel’ (Señora Acero) which season two is currently showing on Telemundo DStv channel 118.

Litzy is often cast in good light in most of her telenovelas. She claims her ‘good girl’ face often make producers give her such protagonist roles. However, the script changed when she was asked to play Aracely- a prostitute and drug addict in ‘Woman of Steel.’

“It was a challenge to play this role because it made me go out of my comfort zone. I’ve never played a prostitute and drug addict before,” she gushes about her character, “I think Aracely is an example of a good person making bad choices, but at the same time she knows that she has to be better, to grow and change bad habits. What’s most important is that she is loyal. In this new season, she stops using drugs and takes up singing, and that is one of her dreams. She will try with all her heart to have a good romantic relationship because she wants to be loved.”

It is also the first time she returns to a drama series to play same character. With Aracely, Litzy got more famous. She reached this conclusion by the avalanche of comments she got on her social media, particularly from Africa.

“I know that the African people like the novelas I’ve been a part of because they write to me on my social media and also because when I’ve had the opportunity to travel to different countries where I’ve met people from Africa. They come to me and ask me for pictures and it is always very nice! It’s exciting to know that I have fans from so far away!”

Singing is another talent Litzy is well-known for. In her hometown Mexico, she is known as a member of the music group Jeans. She is also credited for singing opening themes of most telenovelas including ‘Maid in Manhattan which featured Eugene Siller, her co-star in the Mexican spin-off of the popular Hollywood movie. Litzy however finds herself caught between acting and singing because both arguably give her fulfilment.

“That’s always a very complicated question for me. I love both and I’m very passionate about both careers! It’s amazing to have the audience that watches my work as an actress playing different characters and stories. And, it’s also amazing being on stage and watching an audience sing with me.”