It was Sun Tzu, a Chinese military strategist, Taoist philosopher and general in the 6th century BCE, who said, “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

Armed with this knowledge, Wale Tinubu, CEO, Oando Oil, has remained unperturbed in the face of needless smear campaigns launched by some individuals in the industry. In the midst of the campaign he remained unperturbed and unruffled.

Interestingly, Tinubu seems to be having the  the last laugh now, as the shareholders of the company passed a vote of confidence in him during the recently held 40th Annual General Meeting, AGM, of the leading oil and gas company in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.  He is presently  singing the song of joy and dancing the dance of victory.

 It was based on what a source described as “his leadership qualities, business experience and his art of making money. ”

Talking about the decision at the AGM, the source further said: “There was no question of  a lack of trust in the CEO and his management team. Nobody ever doubted his ability to lead the company.  But just like every other business, there must be some aggrieved elements who won’t like your style. But it’s an internal thing and it has been fully resolved.”

Tinubu’s success story may not come as a surprise to those close to him because he has, over the years, shown evidence that he is well verse in oil and gas business. He knows when to invent, particularly in a shaky business climate.

Tinubu has continued to show his wizardry, especially in the past two years that the oil business has suffered a decline around the globe.