Firm Tightens Cyber Protection with New Solutions


In the midst of cyber threats challenging sustainability of internet technology and e-businesses globally, Russian Multinational Cyber Security firm, Kaspersky Lab, has continued to upgrade its  security products.

 The firm which has just announced new and upgraded internet security solutions boasted that its latest security products would protect modern households as well as help people care for their connected devices and every aspect of digital lives.

 The latest flagship consumer products would also be extended to cater for the security requirements of windows and Mac computers, smartphones and tablets running on android, Windows phone and iOS, whereby users are at liberty to choose a suitable solution based on their devices, activities that are affected on digital space and cyber awareness skills.

Quoting the number of internet users globally to be around 3.7 billion according to Internet World Stats, General Manager at Kaspersky Lab Africa, Riaan Badenhorst, stated that only slightly more than half of Internet users protect all of their connected devices as revealed in a research carried out by the company.

“We believe that all internet users around the world have the right to be protected against digital threats. That is why we have also developed a free security solution with an optimal set of security technologies for Windows devices in addition to our flagship consumer products, being able to provide world-winning protection for all platforms available to users based on their compatible choice,” he said.

Badenhorst noted that the release of the free solution was part of the company’s activities lined up to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

“This year, we are celebrating an extremely successful 20 years in the IT security market. During all of this time, our mission has been to provide as many people as possible with reliable protection against cybercrime. And we are happy that users from now on will be able to benefit from an extended line up of consumer products. The new free security solution windows is the crown jewel on a comprehensive set of Kaspersky Lab free and freemium solutions for a range of different platforms. The engine in our free solution is the same as the engine in all of our personal products, while it provides users with basic high-quality protection against the most common threats, which is especially important for those who are not able to pay for a full-function solution,” he concluded.

While Badenhorst noted that 63% of Internet users globally are worried about phishing emails and websites, he said that the firm’s anti-phishing technology has been specially designed to prevent users from falling victim to fake or spam emails, fake websites and fraud.

“In addition, the updated URL Advisor tells a user whether a link in the search engine leads to a trusted, suspicious, dangerous or phishing website, or a website that may cause their computer harm, via a special indicator close to each link.”