Uwazurike: Crisis in Abia, Ploy to Declare Emergency Rule

Goddy Uwazurike

Ejiofor Alike

The President of Igbo socio-cultural group, Aka Ikenga, Chief Goddy Uwazurike, has raised the alarm that the present crisis in Abia State was simulated as a ploy for the federal government to declare emergency rule in the state.

Uwazurike has also called on the federal government to withdraw soldiers from the South-east as demanded by the apex Igbo cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

In a statement issued yesterday, Uwazurike stated that if the Nigerian Army was so powerful as to engage in arrogant display of weaponry, they should be deployed to fight Boko Haram in the North-east or even the armed herdsmen ravaging the southern part of the country and the Middle Belt.

He argued that it was well known fact that IPOB members do not carry weapons and are only known for holding rallies and punching the air with a black power salute.

“If any of these two actions is a crime, then they should tell us whether the constitution of Nigeria should be obeyed. Today, the people of Abia State and indeed the whole of Igboland is being provoked by the arrogant and callous display of weaponry by the Nigerian Army in a way that sane people will rightly interpret it as the action of an army of occupation. Are we already at war? If the army is so powerful, why can’t they be deployed to fight the Boko Haram in the North-east or even the ubiquitous herdsmen who are ravaging the southern and middle belt parts of this country? This is because soldiers in a battle mood must have enemies to fight,” Uwazurike explained.
He called on those who sent the soldiers to withdraw them as the Ohanaeze has demanded.

“It is a notorious fact that the governor of Abia State has spent the last two years in court trying to retain his post .This present simulated crisis is just a ploy to impose military rule in the state just to have a war commander in the government house. The people are not interested in military democracy. This government should not forget that progress can only be made in a time of peace and not in war time. War is an evil wind that blows no one any good. The arrest of Nnamdi Kanu was a mistake but his rearrest will be a disaster,” he added.

Uwazurike noted that the federal government has charged Nnamdi Kanu to court but wants to take the extra judicial action of simulating a situation which will lead not only to a state of emergency but also violence.

“This was what it did the Elegant Zaki zaki case. I call on all men of good will to prevail on this government to learn from past governments on how to handle a civil situation. A word is enough for the wise. It is instructive to note that the last time we had this kind of scandalous action was when Chief Olusegun Obasanjo invaded Odi and Zaki Ibiam,” he added.

  • chiibyejindu

    Goddy Uwazurike you disappointed your office as the President “Aka-Ikenga” by your simplifying such a complex, delicate, and lives consuming matters of Nnandi Kanu IPOB MASSOB and their dangerous sponsors in the person of Alhj. Asari Dokubo and his N/Delta militants as ordinary ploy against Federal Government of Nigeria and of course a great aspersion on us responsible but silent majority Igbos who know the core issues surrounding Nnandi Kanu which started with hobnobbing of Barrister Ralph Uwazurike MASSOB who failed the temptation of accepting the friendship of Alhj. Asari Dokubo in the first place far back 2013 that caused Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu a bleeding of the heart when he chanced into the secrets of Ralph Uwazurike with the Devil Asari Dokubo because he knew the danger Ralph Uwazurike had brought upon the Igbo nation by this door-to-doom. Ojukwu wept bitterly and matched Ralph Uwazurike out of his presence. He knew the damage was done irreparably of all his warnings to Ralph Uwazurike.
    Ojukwu knew before time the Izjaws including Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, Edwin Clark, and the rest of Niger Delta Militants have been looking for undue friendship of the Igbo nation to misuse the mass population in his dangerous plots against the North and Nigeria Government and knew the doom such temptation spells for Igbo man who jumps always before looking.
    Chief Goddy Uwazurike, I’m highly disappointed that all you Igbo leaders of present day see in occupying the high towers of Igbo nation is all self-gain and walking in darkness of never caring to research into matters especially of comity of interest to always watch those you call friends of your people who often turn out to be the true enemy because all they want is to use your people for end gains and if care is not taken their gains spells your final doom for your people.
    The damage is already done, for you and Igbo leaders have left your responsibilities too long by abandoning our population too long in the hands of terrorists call militants especially of the most dangerous ratting Asari Dokubo who have succeeded in radicalizing our sons and daughters and already detailed them against the very powerful ‘enemy’ North which is a consuming fire when you suffer them into action.
    Let me tell you Chief Goddy Uwazurike; you, Prof. Ben Nwabueze, Chief John Nnia Nwodo, take the lion’s share of the blame before the five State Governors of S/East and of course other Igbo speaking states. You are more self-seeking in this lives consuming matter than looking for solutions. There is element of fear of the terror of secret killings of fellow Nigerians by Asari Dokubo and his licensed killers Niger Delta terrorists call militants on you Igbo leaders that you find it difficult to open mouth and condemn his acts with Nnandi Kanu. But know you it’s evil before God you cannot sacrifice your life for your people righteously if it comes to that. Remember, those who want to save their life will lose it.
    2. Most of you have eaten so much corruption from the hands of Jonathan and the nation that you cannot speak out anymore, so when you see the N/D lions devouring your children you kept dumb.
    3. Most of you are already calculating the gains of taking advantage of the reckless offices of Nnandi Kanu for election gains not counting the carnage of his action to our people. Just bow to the Devil and win elections then end the contact as was the wishful thinking of Asia and Latin America capitalists in the hands of socialist-communist revolutionary of the ’50s and ’60s without knowing they will not only pay with their lives but all they have.
    4. Many of you are already receiving gratifications from Dokubo directly indirectly without knowing the course you are placing upon your people. And know it Asari Dokubo is a spiritual course against Igbo man for sin of idolatry of Igbos with too many gods. Just as Philistines, Amorites, Jebusites, to children of Israel whenever they grow thick in idolatry.
    5. We know many of you have already negotiated from the hands of Nnandi Kanu the exalted positions to occupy in the dream land call Biafra without knowing what is in stock for you helpless leaders who count your chickens in the eggs. It will not take time before you realize God has just set you disobidient leaders and the led up to cast you down in His anger.
    6. And if I may ask you Goddy Uwazurike, is it possible for Igbos to secede from Nigeria? Yes/No?
    7. Can the so call Biafra succeed for just 1 year after seceding from Nigeria? Have you had of the Tibet, S/Sudan, Eritrea, and other extinction nations of the world dispersed allover the world today because they did not consider their binding powers before misjudging and comparing selves to Israel of God? Not even Igbo speaking Igbos can stand coexistence for long due to our extreme dislike for each others trait.
    8. Do you know our experience with Ibibios and the rest of Cross River then? Can you narrate the horror experience of Igbos in the hands of the Izjaws even when the civil war has ended, can you cast back your mind and replay the Jewish march into Hitler’s gas chamber the Igbos passed through in Benue axis while fleeing back from the Norths?
    9. Are you aware of Diplomatic impossible experience you are going to create for highly traveled enterprising people?
    10. Is it not the Igbos that is marginalizing Igbos? Six Ministers and Secretary of the Federation forming the kitchen cabinet of Jonathan. Several Senators, Reps. plus numerous number of business crooks all received all the moneys due S/East into their pockets and are richer than nations today yet no single road was resurfaced in the whole of S/East for six years of Jonathan plus, was it Hausa people that are holding the moneys? Igbos were the core members of Obasanjo dispensation, show me a single thing benefiting our people? So it was under NPN Shagari. It is a case of a chicken who leaves the killer and vexing for the knife by twisting its neck on the knife thereof as if the knife is responsible.
    11. All the stealing and corruption perpetrated under Shagari, Babangida, Obasanjo, Jonathan, Igbos led in building the bridges and oiling the wheels to facilitate these corruptions across Hausa, Yoruba, and other tribes to seal the deals, but when it comes to build bridges to win investment for S/East that will benefit all, they will complain it impossible as according to them, ‘No one loves the Igbos’,
    12. Are you aware the West you are looking up to for assistance in case of any civil war will certainly turn their backs on you as before because no nation will like to support a stupid and foolish people like my people the Igbos? We have forgotten the experience of Harold Wilson of Britain who now as I’m old I understand his acts with the whole Western world then.
    For your information again, Azikiwe, Ojukwu from all experience collated have warned every Igbo man to shun the useless and reckless idea call Biafra mostly because of what they know about our brothers the Izjaws concerning the whole exercise but, if you will doubt them make sure you divide us majority silent Igbo away from your so call Biafra before you start your wars.
    Everyone of you Igbo leaders who refuse to speak out against Nnandi Kanu and Asari Dokubo in going back to Biafra must suffer double the experience of Israelites who disobeyed God and went back to Egypt.