Lagos Assesses Schools, Tasks Administrators on Conducive Environment


As schools resume for the 2017/2018 academic session, the Lagos State Government has commenced its pre-resumption assessment of all primary and secondary schools in the state to ensure that all schools are in good condition and expects high level of preparedness from the administrators.

The appraisal exercise was conducted by the Office of Education Quality Assurance, led by the Director-General, Mrs. Ronke Soyombo in schools in Education District IV, Mainland.

She appealed to school heads to ensure that their schools are in good, safe and ready to learn conditions as the state’s primary goal remains better teaching and learning in conducive environment, care, guidance, safety and child protection in schools below tertiary level across all education districts.

She stressed the importance of security in every school which includes physical structures like proper fencing, burglary proofs, doors and school safeguarding personnel alongside proper environmental sanitation, hygiene and friendly play area, well arranged library, psychologically prepared teachers and conducive learning environment as schools resume.

“We know we have good schools, we want to see them come out better. Our standard is improving but we want to see them come out the best.”

Soyombo, who expects a better output in the state education sector this session, encouraged school administrators to avoid foot dragging in order to give their best.

“Any form of laziness and negligence of duty will not be tolerated from head of schools and school administrators because we will continually embark on school monitoring to encourage heads of schools to discharge their duties and not found wanting.”

At the pre-resumption monitoring and assessment exercise to Lagos City College, Sabo Yaba, she urged senior secondary three students who were taking preparatory lessons before their mock examination to inculcate good behaviour in order to stand-out, as well as to work smart to be the best by engaging in life-helping exercises such as reading and innovative discussions.