Tokunbo  Modupe, the head honcho of TPT,  a Public Relations firm, is a sticker for excellence.

In all his dealings,  he comes across as a perfectionist.  Also, in the eyes of many,  he is a restless soul,  who is always in quest of knowledge to make him stand out in his chosen profession.

Against this backdrop, the Ondo State-born marketing communications expert is said to have been enrolled for a course at the prestigious Harvard University.

It was gathered that Modupe is one of the top CEOs across the world who have been admitted for General Management Programmes, GMP, at the ivy institution.  He is due to return to the country in November this year.

His company has introduced a lot of innovations into PR practice in Nigeria over the years. Very creative, he often ‘shocks’  his clients with his professionalism and attention to details.

Today, he controls many mouth-watering and juicy accounts, both local and international.

At a time when most of his mates were traversing the length and breadth of the country for seemingly non-existent jobs,  Modupe,  also the Chairman of 001 Events,  was only interested in selling ideas. In the eyes of many, he was simply a loafer. Many had condemned him with their actions and inactions. He was unperturbed because he had a clear vision of what he wanted to do in life.

With great zest and determination, fortune smiled on him after a few years as he was able to turn his beautiful ideas into money.