Bode Oyedepo’s Ambition


Bode Oyedepo, aka Bode De Way, comes across as a die-hard optimist.

The Kwara State-born socialite once shocked his fans when he contested a seat in the National Assembly to represent the Kwara South Senatorial District.

Goaded by ambition, he was said to have committed a lot of money to the project. Though he was not a popular candidate and many of his friends warned him against the idea which he rejected. In the end, he lost in all ways, financially and politically.

Against this backdrop, many had thought that he had said bye to politics. But the Canada-based businessman is said to be warming up to try his luck again come 2019.

It will be recalled that when he came to Nigeria from his United States base some years back, many had swarmed around him like bees to honey, seeking his presence at their events.

The socialite was the toast of music stars. In particular, K1 ‘D’ Ultimate on several occasions sang his praise to high heavens. This, according to sources, was as a result of his generosity.

As a successful businessman, he reportedly built and bought many houses in many parts of Lagos State. Also, his garage was said to be filled with exotic cars.

Today, one can only wait to see how far he will go in realising his political dream this time around.