But for his humanitarian activities, Nuhu Kwajafa would have been labelled a menace to the society for being unmarried at over 40. After all, Brigham Young, a foremost American religious leader once said that a young man that is unmarried at twenty one is a menace to the community. Add to the fact that Nuhu comes almost complete and as such has no reason not to have had his pick of any girl he so desires.

The son of Fulani Kwajafa, a retired police commissioner and former boss of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, NDLEA, Nuhu is a six footer blessed with the physique of an athlete and the good looks of a movie star. He is a silver spoon and highly connected in the corridors of power. For the past decade however, Nuhu has dedicated his life to humanitarianism through his Global Initiative for Peace, Love & Care, GIPLC, which has been actively involved in humanitarian activities in Nigeria. The NGO, according to Nuhu, raised over $4m for children with critical medical conditions, saying, “We have supported over 4000 orphans and vulnerable children through a ‘back to school’ program.

GIPLC has also supported 35 orphanages with food, cloths, beverages etc, on a monthly basis for 10yrs now through its end of month food drive for the less privileged.” In 2014, GIPLC visited South Sudan in the middle of its civil war to support refugee children on the invitation of the country’s First Lady. Another remarkable charity initiative by GIPLC was the successful raising of $234,000 within 72hrs for the surgery of the first baby ever born on earth without 50% of her skull and was operated on in the USA by the renown surgeon, Dr Ben Carson. It is a popular story that Nuhu once sold his only car to pay for the surgery of a dying baby. Despite all these activities, his physical attributes and access to wealth and power, Nuhu has yet to settle down. Many of his friends have taunted him on end about his single status despite being a hit among ladies, but he tells them that it would happen at the right time. What time would be right for the Borno State native? Who knows? Nuhu may truly be waiting for God’s time as some of his friends argued in his defence at a social gathering recently; however, on another note, he may simply be living by another of Congreve’s notable wisecracks which holds “Courtship to marriage, as a very witty prologue to a very dull play.”