In a few months, the views around the area where Churchgate Building, located in the less boisterous part of Victoria Island Victoria Island, Lagos, promise to be a different kind of stunning and gasp-inducing as the new 12-Storey multiplex office of the BUA Group nears completion. The all-glass edifice, with its commanding, baroque presence would occasion a lot of double takes while a cursory stroll into its bowels would leave so much to see and salivate about especially in the main hall with the proposed ceiling fresco.

Owned by multi-billionaire Abdulsamad Rabiu, even at its barely completed stage, it is already competing for the finest and most equipped office in the street and beyond. Not surprisingly, it is being constructed by Cappa and D’Alberto, the giant construction firm that had been operating in Nigeria since 1932. The Forbes-rated billionaire, reputed for his fine taste in all things of life that money can buy, is sparing no expense in constructing an office complex that can compete and compare favourably with any in its class across the globe. Sources say all the furnishings and fittings and equipments were imported from various shopping cities of the world like Paris, New York, London and Italy because the Kano-born businessman does not want to leave anything to chance. As the entire staff of BUA Group look forward to working from such magnificent office, so too do passers-by and neighbours who are beginning to wonder how the building would beautify and brighten up the street at all times of the day. Interestingly, work on the new office is moving at the same frenetic pace with Samad’s new breathtaking mansion in the exclusive haven of the wealthy and powerful, Banana Island, Ikoyi, Lagos. He is set to move into the house in due course.