UK Superstars Dunne, Wolfgang Shine in Tag-team Showdown


Femi Solaja in New York courtesy MultiChoice

It was a landmark achievement for United Kingdom’s WWE competitors late Wednesday night at the Barclays Center in New York when the pair of Pete Dunne and Wolfgang gave dominant pair of Tyler Bate and Trent Seven a bitter taste of defeat on the night other super stars thrilled the crowd.

In the five-star tag team showdown, all the four competitors put on a show that lived up to billing as crowd cheered endlessly to the jaw-dropping in ring display.

The turning point in the back-and-forth Classic display came when Wolfgang shrewdly tagged himself into the contest but Bate not realising that Wolfgang was now the legal man hit his Tyler Driver ’97 on Dunne.

But just as the first ever WWE United Kingdom was realising Dunne was not the legal man, the 250+ pound, Wolfgang nailed a huge Swanton bomb from the top to give victory to his side. The crowd erupted in jubilation just as the red and blue lights illuminated the stage.

In some of the other bouts of the night, Lars Sullivan destroyed No Way Jose in an NXT battle although the loser was the favourite of the crowd.

Unfortunately, Lars Sullivan wasn’t a fan of the performance as he stormed down the entrance ramp, barreling over the fun-loving Superstar.

The monstrous Sullivan continued to lay waste to Jose as NXT fans looked on in horror. After slamming Jose face-first into the mat, Sullivan stomped out of the ring, leaving Jose to be attended to by WWE officials.

In the women contest, Peyton Royce returned to high profile competition by squaring off with Sarah Logan, who has yet to string together enough in-ring performances in NXT.

The former “Crazy” Mary Dobson sought that elusive victory that would turn her fortunes around.

Logan outwrestled her Aussie opponent to start, frustrating Royce. The villainess seized control, using her long legs to choke her opponent.

The underdog baby-face fought back, though, delivering a German suplex and rollup that nearly stunned her opponent.
A series of rollups followed and a fisherman suplex by Royce scored her the hard-fought victory.