Manumar Foundation, SLNI Educate Plateau Women on Maternal, Child Healthcare

  • Donate 1,000 birthing kits, mosquito nets

SerikiAdinoyi in Jos

As part of activities to mark 2017 International Humanitarian Day, Manumar Foundation has partnered Silver Lining for the Needy Initiative (SLNI) to educate Plateau state women on safe delivery and exclusive breastfeeding to help reduce maternal and child mortality rate in Nigeria.

The groups also donated 500 birthing kits and 500 mosquito nets to the pregnant women at the three locations.

The events, which held recently at Primary Healthcare Centres in Kwombe, Kopal and BungunGida communities in Mangu local government area of the state, witnessed a large turnout of men and women, who were on ground to learn on pre-natal and post-natal healthcare and life style.

Addressing his audience at events, Founder of Manumar Foundation, Umar Mantu said the programme was organised to educate pregnant women on the important things to know during and after pregnancy, “as this will help in reducing maternal and child mortality rate in Nigeria.”

Speaking to the men on the importance of giving their pregnant wives the needed support by sending them to healthcare facilities rather than leaving them at home, Umar said “this is necessary to avoid complications that may arise during delivery.”

Also speaking at the event, founder of SLNI, Hauwa Abbas said her organisation was recently selected as a global breastfeeding innovator that promotes early and exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months after birth, adding that “exclusive breastfeeding would improve the immunity of the babies against infantile diseases that inflict children under the age of five.”

The nurses at the various PHCs joined in educating the women on importance of breastfeeding and the best posture for breastfeeding.
They said, “Breast milk is very vital for the baby because it contains the entire nutrients needed for development and also anti-bodies which will help prevent the baby against infant diseases and future diseases. The breast milk is free and available anytime for baby, it is warm already, and there is no need for mothers to make it warm.”

On safe delivery, the Nurses at the PHCs warned that women must attend ante-natal clinic for proper care for mothers and babies, adding that “the appropriate time for a woman to start ante-natal clinic is when the pregnancy is three months old as this will enable the doctors to examine and ensure that there are no complications.”

Appreciating the groups for their support, the women said the donations would go a long way to reduce their financial burdens of having to purchase the items during their delivery.

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