Green Marketing: The LG Example 


Environmental pollution is inarguably an inevitable phenomenon, yet, accompanied by harmful effects on lives, ranging from ill-health to disabilities or even death.

 Despite generating hazards, experts say that it may be disastrous to attempt to halt it particularly in developing countries with economic fortune dependent on natural resources.

 Nigeria thus happens to fall among the category of countries that look majorly to natural deposits for revenue accumulation and foreign exchange, in addition to its desperation to gather energy for industrial purpose, hence pollution of the environment is inevitable.

 Therefore, in its policy of greener environment, the country is left with the task of striking a balance between two conflicting goals of being economically viable, yet a safe ecosystem.

 But ecologists have argued that it is not impossible to process and gather wealth from artificial and earth resources, and still secure the ecosystem.

 According to research, manufacturing companies are major sources of environmental degradation in Nigeria, either in the form of environmental pollution or waste from the products, or even products’ packages, hence the need for green or eco-friendly products.

Eco-friendly products are defined as products that do not harm the environment either in their production, use or disposal stages. These kinds of products, pundit say, help to preserve the environment by significantly reducing the pollution they could possibly produce.

 The growing awareness on the implications of global warming, non-biodegradable solid waste and harmful impacts of pollutants amongst others, has further drawn the attention of both producers and consumers to the value in green products.

 One of such brands championing this cause is   LG Electronics, having considered the environment greatly in its production and marketing cycles.

 Its range of products from refrigerators, television, washing machines, air conditioners, etc. has been proven safe and friendly to the ecosystem.

For instance, the LG Multi V 5 offers ultimate energy management by analysing data to forecast energy usage and preventing users from exceeding consumption guidelines. Its Inverter compressor also increases part load efficiency and enhances ability to reach the desired temperature, while the Ocean black Fin protects against corrosive substances and industrial pollution.

 Markedly, the LG inverter compressor technology has set a standard in the industry and one of the most advanced energy efficient compressors in all its cooling systems. The inverter Linear Compressor enables refrigerators to consume 32 per cent less energy and produce 25 per cent less noise. While in the Air Conditioners, it enables it to cool air up to 40% faster than normal which in the process saves up to 70% energy compared to conventional air conditioners.

 According to the company, its commitment to a habitable atmosphere was part of its social responsibilities to promote the cause for a healthy life by producing products that are not only eco-friendly but sustainable over a period of time with greater consumer appeal.

 Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son noted that part of the company’s vision was to increase the recyclability of its products and allow for easy disposal at the end of their lifespan, thus promoting a clean environment.

“We in LG are fully committed to having more of Greenhouse products to protect the environment from hazardous impact which could spell doom for mankind. We have deliberately adopted it as a policy which means, at every strata of production, we are conscious of the fact that the environment must be kept safe for all.  That is what we stand for,” he noted.

As a result of this friendly attitude to the environment, the company was singled out for honour by the United States Environmental Protection agency for its continuing leadership in protecting the environment with energy efficient consumer electronics. This was flaunted at the back of its nearly 300 ENERGY STAR-certified models in the past.

Beyond its commitment to  user-efficient products  and consumer  well-being, its effort thus abide by  ‘Customer-Value Creation’ and ‘People-Oriented Management’ as it followed a Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR ,framework system that is based on CSR change management, CSR risk management, stakeholders engagement and strategic social contribution.

In a further pursuit of the green vision, the company, at the just concluded 2017 West Africa HVAC Expo, displayed an array of its products to include; Multi V IV Pro, Multi V S outdoor, 4WAY Cassette, Floor standing 5HP and  the New Gen Cool AC (18k BTU) to the admiration of participants.

Its efforts to increase the number of carbon-free, energy-efficient products have been proven to help consumers save millions of naira in electricity costs and diminish greenhouse gas emission.

While LG’s kind of example is rare, experts also urged products’ regulators to mandate and ensure that green marketing i.e. (efforts by organisations to produce, promote, package and reclaim product in a manner that is sensitive and responsive to environmental concerns) procedures are followed by manufacturers before releasing products to the public.