A Voice for Womanhood



Chineme Okafor

There is virtually no section of the Nigerian society that is not guilty of ill-treating its women and young girls. The average Nigerian woman or girl child is often subjected many travails. It is as though the society is up in arms against her as she strives towards fulfilling her destiny. In an increasingly secular, the odds are even more stacked against women and girls committed to the virtues of Christianity.

Sarah Ndukwu’s book Winning the Battle for Destiny seeks to draw attention to this anomaly. Ndukwu, a solicitor and advocate of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, has fought through all odds to build an enviable legal career in the oil and gas industry.

Committed to her Christian faith, Ndukwu, also coordinates a Christian women group, the Celebration of Women in Christ Outreach (CWIC) which is dedicated to finding and promoting women who are immensely committed to integrity in pursuit of their destinies.
The group is equally committed to helping women and girl children lead successful Christian lives irrespective of the society’s challenges. Through her many years of working with CWIC, women and girls, Ndukwu offers credible options in her 56-page book. These are both spiritual and psychological.

With a foreword written by a leading cleric, Dr. Daniel Kayode Olukoya, the book is situated within the context of both intellectual and spiritual relevance, making it beneficial to every woman and girl-child of every religious persuasion.

According to Olukoya, no nation whose women are oppressed can ever develop. In book’s chapters, there are references to the Creator’s commitment to truth and justice for all people in the Bible.

Ndukwu argues that women and girl children like male and boy children have destinies and decries they are denied their rights by the society. She also urges women and girl children to stand out in the destiny battle and offers them strategies they should adopt in this regard.

An easy-read, the book is designed and published in Nigeria by Pesther Brands and is a must-read for women and young girls determined to stay on track in their bid to fulfilling their destinies.