Anti-Igbo Song is Playing with Genocide, Says Omokri


A former presidential aide, Mr. Reno Omokri, has stated that the reported anti-Igbo song being circulated in certain parts of the country amounted to playing with genocide and called for the arrest and prosecution of those behind it.

Omokri said in a statement yesterday that Nigeria must not take the reported anti Igbo song exposed by the Foundation for Peace Professionals as circulating surreptitiously in parts of the country lightly.

According to him, songs have very strong emotive power, adding that in 2008, Rwanda’s most famous Musician, Simon Bikindi, was convicted by the International Criminal Court for using his songs to ignite the Rwanda genocide.

“I call on all Northern leaders to condemn this song! Those behind the song must be traced and immediately arrested, tried and punished severely. If we treat them like the Arewa Youths whose arrest was ‘ordered’ by Nasir El-Rufai, but never implemented by the Nigerian Police even as they continue to walk freely and grant interviews, we will be sending a very terribly wrong message that genocide can be condoned,” Omokri said.

He also urged the international community to intervene.

“What do Donald J. Trump, Theresa May and António Guterres think will happen to democracy in West Africa if Nigeria is destabilised? The time to nip this is when it is at the bud. This bud must not yield its flower,” Omokri added.