Red Bull Music Academy Holds Successful Lagos Session


The Red Bull Music Academy Sessions Lagos, the first ever session in West Africa, came to an end late last month after holding workshops, lectures, listening sessions and after-parties that imparted knowledge and thrilled participants in equal measure.

The Red Bull Music Academy is a recognized global music institution committed to fostering creativity in music. The world traveling series of music workshops and festivals offers a platform for those who want to make a difference in today’s musical scene.

Teaming up with Eclipse the sessions drew participation from music enthusiasts, producers, vocalists and more.

The first session, hosted by Osagie Alonge, began with Nigerian RBMA Alumni, Dj Klem and Kraftmatiks, as they shared their experience at the Red Bull Music Academy in London 2010 and New York 2013 respectively.

Seated in the room were young, vibrant artists with raw talent in Nigeria waiting to be discovered.
Award-winning singer song-writer, Nneka, shared her story, the barriers she faced as a woman in the industry, language barriers and how she conquered all to become the artist she is today.

After days of inspiration and learning, one of the venues, Bogobiri House in Ikooyi was transformed into a block party with mood lights and strobes that were reminiscent of a night out in Ibiza albeit with a local touch in the form of palm wine.

The Red Bull Music Academy engenders an innovative experience and will help foster the coming together of underground sounds in Nigeria and the developing of a music culture for these music creators.

The Academy is helds annually and would be meeting for their 20th Anniversary in Berlin next year.