Nigerian Army’s Misplaced Priority


Recently, the United States Government confirmed the obvious, when it said the Nigerian Army lacked the capacity to hold captured territories by terrorist groups in the country, a truth which explains the unceasing attacks by the Boko Haram terror group. Yet, the Army said it was sending about 230 of its personnel to Liberia on peacekeeping, when it is still unable to maintain peace in its own home. This is an irony and a clear case of misplaced priority.

The idea of living a false life by playing the “Big Brother” by the Nigerian government has come to a point, where the authority must review such wasteful disposition. Nigeria usually goes into this profligate humanitarian mission without properly articulating its gains or what Nigeria stands to benefit in the long run and at the end of the day, not a few of these countries appreciate this costly gesture.

In spite of Nigeria’s human and material investment in Apartheid South Africa, it still has not stifled its disillusioned citizens from waking up any inauspicious day and killing Nigerians in their country, often times with the government of South Africa pretending to be helpless, while the Nigerian government too, in her pitiful gloating, goes about begging to be treated better. Government must have a rethink about these things and ensure the interest of the nation comes first. This particular development doesn’t just add up!