Military Accuses North-east Parents of Donating Daughters as Suicide Bombers

The Director of Army Public Relations (DAPR), Col. Sani Usman
  •  Says Nigeria more secure now despite setbacks on terror war

Michael Olugbode in Maiduguri and Paul Obi in Abuja

The Nigerian Army, saturday, accused parents in the North-east part of the country of donating their daughters as suicide bombers to the Boko Haram sect, saying this new disposition is responsible for the sudden resurgence in terrorist attacks in recent weeks.

This is coming on the heels of a Boko Haram attack, which was foiled by the Army and a detachment of youth vigilance groups in Maiduguri. The attack, however, resulted in the killing of three persons, while two others sustained injuries.

In a related development, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) has said that in spite of the recent challenges and setbacks brought about by the resurgence of terrorist attacks in some parts of the country, Nigeria is still more secure than it used to be. It added that the military had remained on track in the containment of attacks by the sect.

Director of Army Public Relations, Brig. Gen. Sani Usman, who hinted at the dangerous trend in the North-east, appealed to religious, traditional and community leaders in the zone to help dissuade parents from donating their wards and daughters as suicide bombers to the Boko Haram sect.

Usman stated, “The Nigerian Army wishes to appeal to religious, traditional and community leaders, as well as all well-meaning Nigerians especially in the North-east of our country, to help dissuade people from donating their daughters or wards, to Boko Haram terrorists for indoctrination and suicide bombing missions.

“This appeal became expedient in view of recent revelations by some intercepted female suicide bombers during interrogations. It was discovered that most of these hapless minors were ‘donated’ to the terrorist sect by their heartless and misguided parents and guardians, as part of their contribution to the perpetuation of the Boko Haram terrorists’ dastardly acts against the Nigerian society and humanity.”

The Army spokesman explained, “The acts of these parents and guardians are not only barbaric, but condemnable and unacceptable. Nigerians have a responsibility and obligation to collectively mould our children and wards and define a better future for them rather than condemning them to death by the criminal Boko Haram terrorists and their sympathisers through suicide bombings.

“Consequently, the public are kindly requested to be more vigilant, security conscious and report any suspicious persons or those whose daughters or female wards are missing or have not been seen recently. You can report by calling 193 on any network. The public is also, please, reminded that the Nigerian Army’s offer and reward of the sum of N500,000 to anybody that brought information about suicide bombing, is still available.”

Speaking during a 10km “walk and jog exercise” in Abuja, the nation’s capital, Abubakar said, “Despite the challenges and few setbacks we have had in the last few weeks, I believe that we are on track in terms of making Nigeria a more secure country. Looking back from where were are coming from, I believe that I will be stating the obvious to say that we have made substantial progress and Nigeria today is more secure than before.”

He said the NAF was “equally on track with regard to capacity building. We have continued to train and retrain our pilots, engineers and technicians so that we can have a very effective service. We will continue to reevaluate our operations from time to time and we will not shy away from re-strategising if there is the need to do that.

“With what we have invested in the fight against terrorism, the helicopter gunships and from what the 12 aircraft we helped reactivate to add to the fight and the number of pilots we have trained, as well as the number of airmen and airwomen we have recruited, I believe that we are on track to making this country a better place.

“We are equally on track in terms of reactivation of air planes. We are similarly on track in terms of providing for the welfare of our personnel. I want to urge you to continue to rededicate yourselves so that every Nigerian territory will be secure, so that every Nigerian will be secured.”

Explaining the basis for the exercise, Abubakar said, “The challenges of modern times are very complex and, therefore, require not only a very sound mind but a very sound body to be able to proffer solutions to these changes.
“Therefore, a physically sound body is essential if we are to be effective in the discharge of our responsibilities as provided in the Constitution. Physical fitness is pivotal to us as humans and most especially members of the armed forces. It is in this light that the NAF has continued to carry out this exercise quarterly.

“As you are aware, the Nigerian Air Force is faced with various theatres of operation, whether in the North-east, in the South-south or the North-west. We are, no doubt, on track with regard to the kind of structures we want for our Air Force, for better efficiency and effectiveness.”

Speaking on staff welfare, the Air Force chief told the officers, “I want to assure you that the leadership of the Air Force will continue to address your welfare needs. We are not unaware of the fact that we have been entrusted with a very expensive platform and therefore, we must provide for your accommodation, for your medical needs, for your allowances and for schools for your children. We will continue to work on that and make sure that you are in the best frame of mind to be effective in the discharge of your responsibilities.”

Minister of Sports, Mr. Solomon Dalung, who was represented by a Director in the ministry, Dr. Mrs. Esther Aluko, assured the NAF of the Ministry of Sports‘ support to enable air men and women remain physically fit for national duties.

Aluko also stressed that the ministry had already put in place a policy, where the military will contribute its quota of athletes for various international competitions.

Meanwhile, in the foiled attack yesterday, the police and a vigilance group, which confirmed the development, said the incident occurred at Simari on the outskirts of Maiduguri about 10pm, when a male and two female suicide bombers tried to infiltrate the town.

According to a statement by the spokesman of the Police in Borno State, Victor Isuku, three suicide attackers were prevented from detonating the explosive devices on them by members of the youth vigilance group.
He, however, said two of the youth vigilance group members were injured in the course of preventing the three suicide attackers, who died in the dastardly action.

The police stated, “Yesterday (Friday) 4/8/2017, at about 21:49hrs, three suicide bombers, a male and two females, attempted to infiltrate Usmanti Community in Mafa LGA. They were sighted by vigilant CsJTF, who quickly alerted the joint security personnel deployed in the area. The suicide bombers were chased. In the ensuing stampede and an attempt to escape arrest, the suicide bombers hurriedly detonated IEDs strapped on their bodies, killing themselves.
“However, two CJTFs sustained injuries and were rushed to University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. Police and EOD personnel visited the scene to sanitise and render the area safe.”

The attack came 16 hours after dogs foiled an attempt by two suicide bombers to hit a hospital in Moloi area of Maiduguri, according to a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) report.

A witness, Amin Audu, said the insurgents took advantage of the night to gain access into Maiduguri but were intercepted by the military, which frustrated their effort.

He said soldiers shot the male suicide bomber, following which the explosive strapped on his body exploded. “The powerful blast also made the explosives strapped on the ladies to detonate and killed them instantly,” he said.
Spokesman for the CJTF, Malam Abdullahi Danbatta, confirmed that two members of the group were wounded in the incident, while the Police Public Relations Officer in Borno, Mr. Victor Isuzu, corroborated this in a statement in Maiduguri saturday.

There had been a resurgence of Boko Haram attacks in recent weeks with the deadly sects staging daring raids and ambush on police and military convoys, including series of suicide attacks on IDPs camps and University of Maiduguri. In one ambush, the terror group took several policewomen hostage, and in another, it killed 48 persons, including soldiers, NNPC officials on oil exploration mission in the Chad Basin, some members of staff of the University of Maiduguri and some civilian JTF members.

  • Ezeakolam

    He is a liar. The face and symbol of Nigerian military propaganda “lies” Infact he is
    competing with she Information Minister Alhaji Liar Mohammad. It has got to a
    point that nobody knows when they are saying the truth.



  • American

    And they will deny that they are not moslem terrorists. they sell their children for money to shekau and his gang. islam is evil, awusa/foolani is evil. This duo are more dangerous than viper, lion tiger and HIV put together. foolish people !

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    God bless Jonathan. If they can do this to Buhari, now the world understands what Jonathan must have been through in the hands of these people.

  • Dauda

    They had been donating even more during Jonathan’s time. Fine another lies to tell, do not say it is a new trend

  • Benbella

    Because of their fucking religion believes and NO EDUCATION IN THAT PART OF THE WORLD, when you are not been told about the right things to do , then you are brainwash ,by those who can give you food to eat of course its POVERTY , arrest those PARENTS , its against the Law to do that , Period.

  • Santana

    When will this nonsense lies stop? Nigeria need to stop funding these animals called military. They will never end this game. Any money voted to the northeast must also be given to other part of the country and the leaders should use it appropriately. If northeast want to use theirs to fight insurgents no problem. These rubbish must stop. We Nigerians are not fool.

  • Ify Onabu

    If parents in north east Nigeria are indeed ‘donating’ their daughters to Boko Haram to be used as suicide bombers, does that not lend credence to the views of Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB that Nigeria is a ‘zoo’ and they cannot live in the same country as animals? Which sane parents donate their children to be killed? And who wants to share common citizenship with them? Shame of a nation!

  • Dunu Anselm

    When the APC and their Northern Draculas were running their mouth during President Jonathan’s administration, they forgot that Karma was real. It never fail to extract it’s justice. The North is a serious drain on this country with their mediaeval life view. They were donating their daughters and sons to the boko haram just to make Johnathan look bad believing the idiocy of their leaders that an infidel is not worth leading the country. They have achieved their aim but now a new realty had done on them,that the mulas can not entrench Islamism in the country as promised. A new war against untrustworthy mulas must begin, and the circle of violence continues.
    What to do? Restructure this country and allow the North have their almajiri system to their satisfaction without dragging anybody down with them. Let them have their mediaeval Islamism to their hearts desire while others pursue their own hearts desire, they may then donate not only all their daughters but also all their sons and even grand daughters and sons to be suicide bombers. This will be a win win situation and everybody will live happily together.In the alternative disintegrate this nightmarish contraption peacefully.

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    can you imagine.. please dont give your kids to be suicide bombers..
    maybe they had a knife to their throats when they handed them over?
    well at least they know that its ingrained and cant be fought away.
    so maybe its time to save the patient (Nigeria) through isolating the infection (restructuring) before its too late (dismemberment or death).

  • Jon West

    Excuses, excuses and more excuses!! When will this nonsense from the Army Information spokesperson end? Parents are donating their wards to Boko Haram and this is news? Is this not the result of the Almajiri culture in the blighted North of the Lugardian Zoo? Do parents not donate their wards to the purveyors of violence in the name of Islam?
    The Nigerian army should declare a state of emergency on its ability to combat this menace of Boko haram and call back the mercenaries, advisers and other resources that helped drive these vermin into the sambisa forest prior to the departure of the “clueless”Jonathan Government that has now been exposed as really clueful. The Boko Haram menace will persist as long as religion is used as an instrument of politics in the North of the Zoo and as long as politics for the sake of primordial acquisition of power for its own sake ,is the subsisting ethos of the Northern political , military and religious elite. Look no further than Syria, Iraq , Somalia and Yemen to see the future of Nigeria, if no way is found to excise this political tendency from the rest of Nigeria ,by the restructuring of the Zoo and its unsustainable politics of intolerance.