Eventually, even the fiercest storm abates in life’s tempestuous gulf. Hence it is hardly surprising that malicious rumours about Deola Sagoe has finally dissipated from the social arena. She is no longer the butt of mean jokes and juicy gossips as her marriage has been let off the hook of controversy. And like the proverbial rampart in the thick of storms, Deola’s faith in God provided her a worthy solace in those trying times. The fact that her marriage to Kofi hit the rocks due to ‘irreconcilable differences’ is no longer a hot button issue.

One of Nigeria’s finest haute couture designers, Deola Sagoe, may have bid a final bye to any further marital adventure. This is coming on the heel of her recent heartbreak. Adeola, who was married to Kofi Sagoe before it went south, decided to give love another chance recently. She thought she had met her prince charming, a knight in shining armour with whom she would grow grey in a lush vineyard. It was the childlike romantic in her romanticising. Reality soon dawned on her as the presumptive suitor apparently had other plans. Coming at a time when she had decided to loosen up, snap out of the cocoon of her bitter separation with the father of her kids, the House of Sagoe founder was soon heartbroken again, reawakening memories of her break up with Kofi. Since then, the Ondo State-born daughter of industrialist, Michael Ade-Ojo, has given those friends that advised her into giving love another chance a wide berth while concentrating all her time and energy on her business and three kids.