EKEDC Disconnects 80 Flats in Festac over Protest for Pre-paid Meters


Some officials of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) in Festac Town in Lagos wednesday disconnected about 80 flats at 312 Road area of the town, from power supply, following the resistant of the residents that their power supply would not be disconnected over unbearable estimated bills they (residents) are forced to pay every month.

A resident and retiree, Mrs. Abinbola, who spoke with journalists, who arrived the area after what she was the resistance by the residence to their lights being disconnected over what they called “devilish crazy bills,” said, “About 9.30a.m., three EKEDC men came, first to Block 1 and started disconnecting light. The resident came out that they have hardly had light in the last three months and before you knew it, other residents who were yet to go to work came out.

“We tried explaining that refusing to give a resident pre-paid metre only to impose N17,000 on the person, when he or she does not operate a bakery was robbery, wicked and exploitative, more so when the light has been problematic since the beginning of the year. Before we knew it, they had already disconnected the 16 flats on the Block. This angered other residents, who insisted that they will not continue to beg or bribe, as they insisted on the pre-paid metres and reconnection of the disconnected flats.

“Tension rose and before you knew it, the EKEDC people called their colleagues from the Festac office. While we were still talking with them and insisting on the pre-paid metres as that will save us from their continues harassments, they disconnected the entire 80 flats. Is that not robbery? They want to kill us with bills, but as God gives us the strength, we will resist them.

“The sad part was that while even PRO of the Festac office was there and another man we believe to be a manager, they went ahead to disconnect us. It means that all they want is to continue to exploit us and that is very ungodly.”