Very little is known about Mo, the younger sister of Governor Ayodele Fayose.

His more prominent sister, Bimpe Sorinolu, died some years back due to cancer. Typical Fayose, he had a long-drawn media battle with Bimpe before her death. But not at anytime did Mo’s name come up. Apparently, the mental health student nurse in the UK, who shares a striking resemblance with his brother, has decided to chart her own path away from obscurity. Last week, Mo had a video session on her Facebook page where she shared with her followers her views about the insecurities some women suffer about their breast sizes. In November 1993, she had an accident which left her blind in one eye and disfigured her face. It was so bad that she labelled herself a monster and was demoted to a porter in the school where she worked because the pupils dreaded her sight. Then, she got married, according to her, to a man who didn’t love her and subsequently had a baby prematurely. She not only lost confidence in herself, she lost confidence in her boobs and still has little or no confidence in them.

In view of the insecurities that have stuck with her like a shadow, she said in the viral video, “If I win a lottery now, the first thing I would do is a boobs lifting surgery because women with boobs they don’t like have low self esteem and tend to hide them when they get intimate with their lovers.” Mo further said that even at this time in her life, when she wants to get intimate with any man, she has to turn off the light just because she feels insecure about her boobs. She advised women to do whatever they can to ensure they have confidence about their body.