APC National Legal Adviser, Banire Raises the Alarm over Threat to Life


Ejiofor Alike
The National Legal Adviser of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Dr. Muiz Banire (SAN) has alleged receiving several threats to life messages by those he described as agents of anti-democratic forces in Lagos State.

In a statement yesterday, Banire also alleged that a rent-a-crowd rally is being organised today in Lagos by a former Chairman of Mushin Local Government and the current commissioner in Lagos State with the assistance of some elements to destroy the democratic aspirations of the people and impose candidates against the people of the state.

“It is saddening to note that not satisfied with the several threat to life messages emanating from their quarters and addressed to me to intimidate me, these rudderless agents of anti-democratic practices in Lagos State have perfected plans to carry out a financially induced protest march against me in order to impose their soulless campaign of imposition of candidates against the people of Lagos State,” Banire explained.

He reiterated that no amount of campaign of calumny or threat to life would deter him from maintaining his principled position on the need to allow internal democracy in APC.
According to him, this is uncompromisable in order to instill sanity in the country’s democratic experiment and allow progressive development.

As the National Legal Adviser of APC, Banire stated that he is the custodian of the constitution of APC and the counsellor of the party on legal matters.

“It would be most destructive to find me lending my weight in favour of imposition of candidates on the members of the party in order to promote a culture of personality cult advancement being nursed and nurtured by the likes of the organisers of this conscienceless rally,” Banire explained.

He urged the public and the progressive members of APC not to be confused by those he described as the agents of dictatorship “who would level allegation of anti-democratic stance against other political parties in power but would savour every bit of dictatorship when they hold the reins of power”.
“A life without a worthy principle is not worth living,” Banire added.