Lolo Chika Chukwudi: Celebrating an Amazon at 40 


By Chukwudi Agwu

A s the holy book teaches us, after God had made everything, and saw that they were good, he said to the host of heaven, “Come, let us make man in our own image, after our likeness: and let him have dominion….”

 Yet, God felt that the man he made, Adam, was not complete. “It is not good that the man should be alone. I will make him a helper meet for him”, our thoughtful God concluded. Thus, Eve was formed out of the rib of Adam. And ever since, no man is ever truly complete unless he has found his missing rib. And a man never really counts himself successful unless he found his missing rib. A misadventure spells lifelong, forlorn wander in the wilderness of life.

 My path crossed with that of Lolo Chika Ethel Chukwudi (nee Ogbunachara) over fifteen years ago. It was a brief, but long-lasting encounter. I did not need a seer or prophet to know that she was the woman. But, how to convince this elusive, charming, and shy girl that I wanted for keeps was another uphill task. Da Eliza came visiting on one occasion and I managed to bring her before the iron lady that raised six boys to full fledged men.

One evening, my mum, convinced that this lady was a treasure that must not slip off, charged me to either settle with her or let her go pronto. Thus, mustering all my willpower, I proposed and, to my pleasant surprise, she said “yes” without wasting a minute, “Chineke mee! So you like me like this?” I exclaimed. She just smiled and the rest they say is history.

 This union is already blessed with four lovely children, good health, and unprecedented career growth on both sides.

 Chika compliments me. She knows my weakness and she stands strong in those gaps. She is very accommodating, tolerant and always eager to make me happy. A wonderful mother who believes that anything is possible so long as you set your mind to it and work hard at it.

 When a man has found his missing rib, a helper meet for him, the world knows. Sometimes, my close friends will engage her to know how she literally tamed this man. She is a paragon of beauty. That is a fact for all to see from the distance of the sun from the earth. But, the truth is that her openness, honesty and dedication did the magic.

 Her generosity endears and her heart overflows with milk of kindness. To mark her 40th birthday anniversary, I had in mind to throw a party for my heartthrob in the city. But she would have none of that. Chika, instead, preferred that we do health outreach and also use the occasion to reach out to the less privileged in our community. She preferred that we fete those who had nothing to eat than to feast those who have more than enough to eat and also give away.

  Her immense generosity and charitable endeavors over the years have earned her several awards by the community and the Church bestowed, which includes; Ada Nwere Ugwu (Lady of Honour) by the Anglican Church, Ohokobe Ndume; Golden Daughter by the Methodist Church Nigeria, Archdiocese of Umuahia, and the chieftaincy title of Ugo Onwa, among others.

 Meanwhile, Lolo Chika Ethel Chukwudi was born into the illustrious family of Chief (Sir) & Lady Joshua Alozie Ogbunachara of Ohokobe Ndume, Ibeku, Umuahia in Abia State in 1977. She is the third in the family of seven.

 A graduate of Linguistics from Abia State University, Uturu, she also holds her Post Graduate Diploma in Co-operative Management and Masters in Business Administration.

 Chika had a brief stint in banking before joining the Public Sector where, by dint of hard work and God’s favor, she has has risen to head the all-important Public Relations Unit of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Abuja Zonal Office.

A golden fish, they say, has no hiding place. Thus, her passion and commitment to duty, where she consistently exceeds expectations caught the attention of Executive Management of the re-branded NIMASA, and she was appointed A BRAND AMBASSADOR to the AGENCY.

 She is a member of several professional bodies, which includes amongst others; Nigeria Institute for Management (NIM), Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR); Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, where she was recently elected the Vice President of Women in Logistics and Transport, (WILAT) Abuja Chapter.

 A woman leader, she is currently the President of Umukabia Progressive Union, Women Wing, (Abuja Chapter). Also, a core believer in African and biblical family values, she is a marriage counselor and home-builder.

 Ugo Onwa, my Queen Bee, your 40th anniversary gave us yet another event to reminisce, in a special way, on what a wonderful wife, mother, and home-builder you have been to me, Kelechi, David, Chioma and Emmanuel (Oke Ekpo, Akpunku). My love, my amazon, Iko Apero, Ugwu Di, you are simply the best.