LG Smart Products Offer Striking Summer Experience


Beyond a physical gadget, LG Electronics is offering a soothing companion through its various innovations to spice up summer experience this season.

 According to the company, its wide range of products available in the market could be explored in the season to stay connected to events around the world and enjoy the summer holidays while at home and away.

 While most  people especially workers have embraced the idea of going on vacation to shrug off stress, rejuvenate and unwind, all aimed at self development and  to increase productivity and guarantees steady career growth, this is not an excuse to be interrupted from other activities.

 Managing Director, LG Electronics West Africa operations, Mr. Taeick Son pointed out that the firm had designed life-changing and highly innovative products to bring about smart connection and safe world during summer and normal routine.

 “The best time for relaxation is vacation and to help make it a worthwhile experience, we have a variety of smart products to help consumers stay safe and connected to their loved ones even while on holidays. Some of them include smart TVs, sound systems, pro beam laser projector, hom-bot cleaner, home appliances, etc.

 “For instance the hom-bot vacuum cleaner has a unique feature known as the ‘ home view’; this allows for real-time monitoring and home guard which automatically sends photos whenever any movement is noticed. While the sound systems has a blue ray feature which enables consumers enjoy 3D disc movies in full HD 1080p,  this will eventually support standard blu ray disc movies in high definition and upscale the DVDs to near HD quality without any form of interference. With a wireless broadband, the sound system can easily be connected to the internet with an in-built Wi-Fi. It is interesting to know that most smart home technologies are very simple to operate,” he explained.

 For the cost-conscious individual who will prefer the stay-at-home vacation, the pro beam laser projector offers video content that can be paired with any Bluetooth audio device within reach. This would provide opportunities for relaxation, watch movies, enjoy local cuisine and hook up with any content of choice. The company also flaunts innovations with security features that could help to safeguard the home while being monitored from far locations, thus reassuring customers while having the best of time holidaying.

  While highlighting the importance of technology to day to day life, Son noted that technological innovations had come to interfere with human lives positively even as he stressed that the most exciting summer activities would bring refreshing experience to the soul, mind and can be  made possible with the assistance of high-tech.

 “Wherever you choose to go for your holidays, be sure LG Electronics has got you covered with products that will ensure accessibility and great convenience. Connectivity has never been more popular than now especially with today’s smart appliances which are creating new platforms for making holidays not only enjoyable but also convenient while staying connected with loved ones. Holidays can only get better, but with LG life will always be good,” he concluded.