Western Lotto Launches Five Int’l Lottery Games


Ugo Aliogo

Western Lottery Nigeria Limited has launched five international lottery games as part of its pledge to improve the gaming landscape in the country.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos, the Managing Director, Western Lotto Nigeria, Mr. Elvis Krivokuca, said the company is committed to providing employment opportunities, wealth ad empowerment for Nigerians and Africa.

He also noted that the company is offering lotteries as number-based games of chance which carry less risk because patrons will spend small sums to win big rewards, unlike gambling where the risk stakes are high.

Krivokuca remarked that lotteries have been deployed to good causes such as the United Kingdom involvement in the funding of the London Olympics 2012, stating that the company would devote part of its earning to corporate social investment in good causes.

The five international games launched were Power ball, Euro millions, Euro Jackpot, UK Lotto and Mega Millions.

In his remarks, one of the Directors in the company, Abiodun Akintaju, said the platform launched yesterday democratizes the ability to win, stating that they are giving Nigerians who are 18years and above opportunity to play with a low amount of money (from N100 upwards).

He also stated that when a subscriber plays with N100 upwards, the subscriber stands the chance of winning up to 15 million naira jackpot, stressing that the subscriber doesn’t need to get all the numbers to win the jackpot.

“Once you a match one or two numbers, you begin to win. Our hope is to create some many winners, daily and weekly. We Nigerians to win. Beyond that, Western Lotto is about good causes. We want to be that good platform that helps partner with foundations. Recently, we partnered with a foundation that caters with people who are victims of rape.
We are going to be partnering with the foundations of some of our brand ambassadors including 2Face foundation.
“We will also partner with government to address the issue of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Our vision is about good causes and giving back to society. We are going to make the reach w