As the mystic phoenix rises from its ashes atop the pyre, Bimbo Okoya, the beautiful daughter of Chief RasaqOkoya, has risen from the rubble of her emotional miseries to rediscover her essence and joy in unlikely places.

Yes, many a rich, spoilt kid or misguided scion plunge into wedlock taking the glitz of an elaborate wedding ceremony as the essence of marriage. Eventually, they encounter the sad bitter truth that becomes the bane of all silverspoon marriages – discord and the most garish forms of separation.

Ask Bimbo Okoya. The beautiful daughter and heiress of the prestigious Okoya family watched helplessly as her marriage to Liberian-born Prince Urey crashed. Astonishingly, she had good reasons for refusing to salvage her marriage before it hit the rocks. Ever since her marriage with Prince Urey hit an iceberg, the daughter of business mogul and owner of Eleganza Group of Companies, AlhajiRasaqAkanniOkoya, has refused to allow any other man into her life. Having confided to her very close friends that romance and marriage are the least of her priority at the moment, Bimbo decided to reassemble the shattered pieces of her life by immersing herself in work. The young lady used to be the CEO of the now defunct AOMS Marketing Solutions. After her marriage failed, it was expected that her beauty, success and pedigree would attract fresh suitors to her but it appears Bimbo is not in a hurry to jump the broom anytime soon. She is reportedly poised to relish the perks of being single for a long while.

Bimbo has certainly paid her dues in the corporate world; she has contributed to the growth of various corporate giants including the British America Tobacco (BAT) and OANDO. When she got married to her estranged husband, their wedding was supposed to be a model for most celebrity weddings. Alas, three years down the line, the marriage has crashed irretrievably. While it lasted, they had no child. Both have since gone their separate ways perhaps ruing what was and what could have been.