‘We are Determined to Boost the Business Aspect of Entertainment in Nigeria’


With growing interest in entertainment events and functions, KFT Events, a top-notch event company which specialises in hard core public relations, brand development and events management, believes there are fantastic opportunities for businesses that will boost the entertainment industry. Group Managing Director of the firm, Mr Ekomieyefa Uduboh, said his company was not leaving any stone unturned in order to tap into some of those opportunities. Mary Ekah reports

Everyone loves entertainment and with the growth of the internet and digital media, new avenues through which people can be entertained have opened up. With growing national and international interest in entertainment events and functions, KFT Events, a top-notch event company which specialises in hard core public relations, brand development and events management believes there is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to boost the entertainment industry. The firm is determined to boost the social and economic conditions of Nigeria’s economy through the entertainment industry by attracting investors.

Since it was incorporated, the KFT Group has contributed to local economies by bringing growth and innovation to the community in which the business is established.

KFT has also helped to stimulate economic growth by providing thousands of direct and indirect employment opportunities to Nigerians. The firm tends to attract talents who invent new products or implement new solutions for existing ideas.

However, the increasing demand of Nigerian entertainment content in music, movies, creative arts, publishing and stage events has motivated KFT Events to collaborate with Wet Sound Entertainment to organize the Warri Mega Fiesta, an iconic event that is set to redefine the city of Warri.

The Warri Mega Fiesta, which will be featuring Nigerian renowned artists like Olamide, Tekno, Runtown, Simi, Phyno, Harrysong, Koko Pee and many others, will take place at KFT Place, a multi-purpose arena at Warri in Delta State.

The arena, billed to be officially opened on July 19 with the hosting of Warri Mega Fiesta, contains 5,215 seats and is rated the largest multi-purpose event hall in the entire Niger Delta region.

Speaking about the Warri Mega Fiesta, the Group Managing Director, KFT Events, Ekomieyefa Uduboh, disclosed that there are few opportunities in Warri where people from various cultures and ethnicity can sit down, chat and celebrate the positive aspects of the city, together.

According to him, there are few places nationally where people can meet, enjoy everything from dance, music, comedy, drama, food, drinks, and games or participate in a wide range of relaxation or fun activity. “This place is KFT Place and it is set to host the Warri Mega Fiesta, an iconic event that will redefine the city of Warri and its perception in other parts of the country. It’s an event cut out to celebrating the best of the people of Warri and those contributing to its sustained peace and growth,” he said.

Speaking further, Uduboh noted, “This much anticipated mega fiesta will attract a 5000-strong audience of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from all over the Niger Delta region to take part in a program of music, traditional arts and cultural activities, comedy, games in July each year, which will welcome major traditional rulers across the Niger Delta region.”

Warri Mega Fiesta, Uduboh believes, will grow into one of the premier events in the country, offering a unique opportunity to share and experience the pride and strength of our collective heritage. “With growing national and international interest in entertainment events and functions, we believe there is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to partner with this important Indigenous event,” he said.

Key features expected at the Warri Mega Fiesta are music, entertainment; comedy and culture, which are the four most powerful drivers of community collaboration and engagement and the four pillars upon which the Fiesta is based.

Uduboh said music is such a big part of life, bringing together artists, performers, song men and song women to share stories and culture with the audience through song and dance.

“Traditional meets contemporary music across the stage at the Warri Mega Fiesta. Nationally acclaimed musicians will perform alongside emerging artists from Warri and its environs, giving opportunity for new talent discovery. The festival will treat its audiences to a musical spree, acoustic performances, surprise acts and back-to-back live musical bands on center stage.”

 The 2017 maiden event, Uduboh said, will showcase a huge line up including Phyno, Olamide, Teckno, amongst many other young and upcoming musical artist. He said further that the event will also redefine comedy and laughter, bringing together a compendium of Nigeria’s top comedy performers while discovering new ones. The event will showcase comedians like Basketmouth, AY, Bovi, I Go Die, Akpororo, John Okafor, Ushbebe, Gordons and a host of other upcoming comedy performances.

“It is going to be a night to be remembered and a best way to forget about tomorrow’s worries,” he said. “Warri Mega Fiesta will gain national media recognition each year through a strong relationship with media outlets across the country, a targeted advertising and marketing campaign, and a huge push into the social media sphere.”

Also, participants will experience traditional indigenous culture with family, friends and visitors at the event. The Fiesta maintains ancient rites, customs and skills, engages a broad spectrum of the community and offers a platform for passing knowledge and experience on to the next generation. The cultural presentation will presents many ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunities for audiences to engage in traditional dance and storytelling of cultural norms and values.

“Everyone participates; indigenous and non-indigenous people talk, eat and dance together, enjoying the unique opportunity for cross-cultural engagement. Warri Mega Fiesta is a meeting place, and this cross cultural event reaches a broad demographic of all ages, with participants coming from all states of the Niger Delta including some overseas visitors to experience a mix of culture, entertainment and style. Approximately 65 per cent of the audience is indigenous and 35 per cent is non-Indigenous. We are committed to working with partners who share the values of promoting peace and the rich cultural heritage of the Niger Delta,” Uduboh said.