Imperial Leather Launches Deodorant Body Spray


Mary Ekah

Imperial Leather recently launched into the Nigerian market, a range of deodorising body sprays in three variants – Japanese Spa, Softly Softly and Active. This is in line with the brand’s mission to offer luxurious personal care experiences for all the family through her unique, inspiring, long lasting fragrances that excite and appeal to the senses. Imperial Leather is poised to continue to leverage its expertise in perfumery by providing innovative and affordable quality personal care for the Nigerian consumers of today and the future.

With a passion for fragrance since the 1700s, the Imperial Leather story began in the 1700s when Count Orlof, a member of the wealthy Russian aristocracy, asked a London perfume house to create a fragrance that captured the distinctive aroma and atmosphere of the Russian Court. The perfume house crafted a distinctive fragrance, by blending a symphony of ingredients, including Turkish Rose, Lavender, Cumin and Precious Amber. The fragrance was called ‘Eau de Cologne Imperiale Russe’. After the scent came into the ownership of Cussons, it was chosen as the signature fragrance for the launch of a new soap brand called Imperial Leather. That the fragrance continues to be used to this day, more than 240 years after it was created, is a testament to the skill of the perfumers who originally developed it.