Students Canvasses Adequate Protection for the Nigerian Child


Peace Obi
Loral International Schools, Festac Town, recently, held the 2017 Children Day celebration which saw its students coordinating all the activities lined up to mark the colorful and fun-packed event while calling on parents and governments at all levels to step up measures towards ensuring adequate protection for the Nigerian child against all forms of abuse and molestation.

The Social Prefect, Miss. Anita Ibhanesebhor within whose purview the event was anchored, affirmed that there has been increased cases of child abuse in the country, while calling on governments and parents to rise to their responsibilities of protecting every child.

According to her, “ perpetrators of any form of ungodly act against any child should be prosecuted to deter others. The society gets rejuvenated through its children, it would be dangerous for a society to have children whose self esteem, moral values and sense of worth have been destroyed as future leaders. Parents should also desist from actions that are capable of lowering their children’s self esteem, because it has far reaching effects.”

She added that parents should try as much as possible to improve their children’s self esteem, noting that what they say often times, ends up killing their children emotionally.
“Painfully, parents don’t realise this early enough. A child who has lost his/her sense of worth may never lead a happy and responsible life. Parents should watch their words and actions, so that they don’t end creating monsters in the society.”

The Head Girl, Miss. Miracle Uma described child abuse as any act by an adult that negatively affects the physical, emotional or mental state of a child, saying that a society that considers its youths as future leaders must resist child abuse, even through the instrumentality of the law.

“Parents and governments should consider child abuse bad enough and a war that must be won for the sake of posterity.”
Calling for a collaborative effort towards arresting the ugly trend, Uma said, “ schools has a role to play along with parents and governments. In my school, we have a guidance counsellor and sometimes, special sessions are organised where experts are brought to talk to us on different things like child abuse, character modelling, among others.

“Schools should have guidance counsellors who can build students’ confidence to be able confide in them when need arises. Parents and schools should also educate the children on what to do when they notice signs of abuse or molestation.”

She also has a word to her mates saying, “one of the best ways to stay away from abuse of any kind is by being obedient to your parents, teachers and constituted authorities. Say no to culture of silence, talk to someone when you see some signs of it around you. Don’t shield evil. For the government, making education accessible to a greater number of Nigerian children is certainly a better way to fight child abuse. This is because education liberates the mind, it equips and floods the mind with good knowledge for survival and quality decision making.”
The beauty contest saw Miss. Onyinye Okeke and Master Michael Nkporogwu emerging as the winners.