Another Year in the Bag… John Obayuwana Celebrates Birthday Amidst Pomp and Circumstance


The dashing businessman tickled Lagos from the base to the rafters, like a Victorian Lord, tickling the fancy of the Queen and a fawning nobility. There is no gainsaying John won the heart and applause of Lagos’ high society with business, Polo Avenue. Last Wednesday, John added another year to his age, and to celebrate this, his loving and hardworking daughter, Jennifer, had a birthday soiree for him. Yes, it was a classy event.

The celebrant took charge of the party himself and endeavoured to treat every guest to a good time. The ecstasy of the event and innumerable treats made available to every guest, at Jennifer’s behest, tinged the atmosphere with a euphoric hue of sort. It all felt surreal. And not a few guests could attest to that.

The ambience of the party signified class, privileged circumstances and the enviable good taste of the celebrant. The Polo Avenue boss still pulsates with unrestrained joy as he basks in the afterglow of celebration and warm wishes he enjoyed on birthday. John, once again, reaffirmed his worth and inestimable value in the eyes and hearts of his loved ones. The guests thronged the venue in a circus of conformity on the d-day. However, they kept it casual and very simple with élan, just the way the celebrant wanted them to appear. The event was indeed a memorable one.