MainOne Suffers Cable Default, Appeals to Customers


Emma Okonji

MainOne has announced a major fault in its submarine cable, due to default on its submarine cable system, 3000KM offshore Portugal.

MainOne has appealed to its customers for understanding while repairs last, particularly its international connectivity customers in West Africa that are mostly affected.

A statement released by the cable and broadband company, read: “Early in the morning of Sunday June 18th, 2017, we experienced a fault on our submarine cable system, 3000KM offshore Portugal. The outage, the first of its kind in seven years since our cable system came into operations, has caused disruptions in service to our international connectivity customers in West Africa.

“Supported by our cable maintenance arrangement with the Atlantic Cable Maintenance and Repair Agreement (ACMA), we immediately mobilised a repair vessel from France early Monday morning to pick up the necessary spares and personnel to recover the affected sections of the submarine cable in the Atlantic Ocean and effect repairs. The current estimated time for the repairs may be up to 14 days.

“Whilst this is an event of Force Majeure, being beyond our control in the ordinary and normal course of business, we have in the interim, made available existing restoration capacity and have secured additional capacity to offer temporary relief to our customers, where feasible,” the statement further said.

MainOne assured its customers of continued provision of updates on the progress of the repair works. It also assured them that all hands must be on deck to fully restore all services and the MainOne quality that they have come to rely on, while apologising for the inconveniences that the service disruption will cause, during the repair period.