Binatone Launches World’s First 2-in1 Music Fan


Jonathan Eze
Binatone has unveiled its new Music Fan, which was designed in Italy.

Managing Director of Binatone Nigeria, Mr. Prasun Banerjee, said at the launch in Ikoyi, Lagos that the first world’s 2-in-1 music fan has sleek and curvaceous lines and comes in some stunning metallic colours. Besides,two essential products in one saving valuable space in the home, the audio is available via Bluetooth to play any pre-loaded or streamed music from any smartphone and it also allows audio to be played via USB, SD Card, or even a 3.5mm audio”.

According to Banerjee, Binatone stands proud as a British company that started its life in London as a radio manufacturer nearly 60 years ago and has evolved with time always bringing consumers exciting and up to date products over decades.

“From cassette recorders to video games, from TV’s to telephones, Binatone has always been able to take the latest technology and deliver outstanding products desired by consumers. Today, we have done it again. Already dominant in cooling products for the home, Binatone has felt the pulse of the consumer to produce the world’s first 2-in1 Music Fan.
A stunning looking tower fan with a built-in digital audio system that will reclaim that nostalgic place in the home that first radios once held.

It boasted that having spent more than 50 years’ experience in Africa, Binatone understands the African consumer better than any other organisation. “We have identified that Africans like style. They are proud of their homes and want the most beautiful things to take a pride of place in their living rooms. They like practicality, advanced technology, unquestionable quality and of course an attractive price. “We have been in West Africa for over 50 years and Binatone is already a household name in Nigeria.

We are known for making high quality everyday use electrical appliances, backed by a nationwide two-year warranty. With the very warm tropical climate, every home in Nigeria, however, small or large, needs a fan in virtually every room, from the parlour to the bedroom. Even a house with air-conditioning can benefit from adding a fan, as it will improve the air circulation within a room and can save the user money due to lower power consumption,” he added.

Speaking on the outstanding qualities of the new fan, Banerjee stated that “it looks classy and elegant, some would even say royal. It is whisper-quiet in its operation with outstanding air-flow, and best of all, does not cost an arm and a leg, so much so that it will be available for you to buy at local stores throughout Nigeria.”
The Chairman of Binatone in Nigeria, a former Foreign Affairs Minister, Chief Alex Akinyele extolled the virtues of the company especially for its consistency in satisfying the ever dynamic needs of Nigerians electronically. He urged Nigerians to buy the product and enjoy it.