Princess Fifi Ejindu, a successful architect and businesswoman, is a style and fashion icon,  any day.

Ejindu,  the great granddaughter of Kings James Ekpo Bassey of Cobham Town in Calabar, Cross Rivers State, is well groomed.

Blessed with an uncommon gene,  this famed philanthropist has been doing everything humanly possible to maintain her beauty to the admiration of all.

SpyGlass gathered that highly intelligent and well polished Ejindu  will be marking her 55 birthday on June 9

Interestingly ,  as a testimony to her far-reaching philanthropy. She would be celebrated by her loved ones, friends and admirers, especially those that have benefited from her uncommon benevolence. The beautiful princess has touched so many lives in her earthly sojourn; so,  for some of the  beneficiaries of her kindness,  the occasion will provide a rare opportunity to celebrate and pray for her.

Many who know her very well claim  that she has a kind of fire inside of her that never burns out.

More so,  over the years,  she has contributed immensely to the development of her home state in her own capacity.