Murtala Muhammed Airport Road’s Reconstruction


The releasing of the Trunk A road from Oshodi to Murtala Muhammed International Airport by the federal government to Lagos State Government for reconstruction is

The lack of attention to the deplorable state of this road and other roads like Lagos-Ibadan Express by past governments leaves much to be desired. It befuddles the mind how a country could so neglect her first and most strategic international airport thereby inhibiting the tourist appeal and the commercial architecture of the facility as a crucial gateway to global trade and investment.

The approval of the release of the airport comes in a confluence of variables accentuated in the interplay of unmistakable developmental strides of the Lagos State under the indefatigable governor Akinwunmi Ambode and a rare opportunity provided through a service- oriented governance philosophy at the centre as being piloted by the acting Vice- President Professor Yemi Osinbajo.
The MM International Airport is a national monument that plays host to diverse economic interests spread across the country. This synergy therefore promises to foster inclusive utility across national spectrum.

Airports are global tourist signature of any host country and speak volume of the cosmopolitan mindset of any government. All eyes are on Lagos State to take delivery and execute an aesthetic masterpiece that would trump the standards exhibited in Dubai and in
western corridors.
Decrepit side attractions from Oshodi to the airport should either be evacuated or shielded from visibility. Other state governments should borrow a leaf from Lagos State and partner with the federal government and fellow states on developmental initiatives of mutual benefits.
Lagos has done this before with Kebbi State as Lake rice become an household item.
Bukola Ajisola,