The Lies against T.A.Orji


Kingsley Anosike

As stated in a previous article in March, 2016, I am not holding brief for Senator T. A. Orji, as I am neither his aide nor media consultant but the saying of an early philosopher that evil thrives when good men keep quiet is apt here and stops me from keeping quiet in the presence of such monumental evil.

A publication in one of the national dailies on Thursday, May 18, 2017 featured their regular negative interview granted by one Chief B. B. Apugo.

Nothing tangible came out of it than the usual crying wolf ploy of Apugo, a man who has refused to learn new tricks. Particular note should be made that 95 per cent of all interviews granted by Apugo are always either in this particular newspaper or its sister publication, sworn adversaries and unrepentant traducers of Senator T. A. Orji. In like manner 98 per cent of his interviews are on Senator T. A. Orji in a causeless vendetta to a man who has done so much to shore up his family and avert dangers that would have engulfed him based on utter neglect and highhandedness.

If you doubt these claims, more than three sons of Apugo served in the T. A. government from 2007 to 2015 and the same number are still in his political camp eager to establish their stance with little prompting.

His caustic comments this time blankets the National Assembly as corrupt and I leave that to the National Assembly to defend itself. This is the first time I am reading an article in the newspaper without the normal introduction, the name of the interviewer or the venue, showing that they had a bad intent.

“The leadership of the National Assembly have come out openly to condemn the anticorruption war by the present administration. What’s your take on this?’ Said the unnamed interviewer.

In answering the leading question as they probably orchestrated, Apugo alleged:

“Well, the problem is that these people who are corrupt are fighting back but I don’t know the extent they will go. We need a strong judiciary to be able to handle these corruption cases. You see, when a corrupt person who looted his state goes to the Senate, you bring a bill for anti-corruption court, what do you think the person will do?” You think he will let it sail through? That is exactly what is happening. I don’t think the strategy being employed for the anti-corruption war is bad, but the people fighting back are making it look childish because most of them in the Senate there are supposed to be in jail. Like my own former governor, he is supposed to be in jail. So, that is why it looks like nothing is happening. They are not supposed to say those words they said the other day. It makes mockery of the Red Chamber, they should guard their utterances and not to betray the trust the people have in them.”

Apugo instead of answering the question took a huge swipe on Senator T. A. Orji displaying that he doesn’t know the workings of the National Assembly.

From his answer above, he has promoted T. A. Orji to be so powerful that he can sway the opinions and actions of the National Assembly. Senator Orji is only a first timer in the Senate though he has performed credibly. Yet this BB Apugo that is facing corruption charges with the EFCC at Fed High Court Umuahia. What a shame!

He further boasted how he will lead APC to victory in 2019. Apugo to the knowledge of all in Abia has no electoral value. His political prowess was completely doused by Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu who is the 3rd Governor and the first democratically elected in the days of our experimental two party system of SDP and NRC. Apugo in his bestial manner wanted to domesticate an elected officer of the state. Dr Onu, one of our best trained and decorous, extricated himself from the gridlock of our megalomaniac. Since then, Apugo has not led any political battle. His style of total control and generalissimo approach makes him a social plague and political pariah at the same time.
Now in Abia APC, who does Apugo influence? Is it Ikechi Emenike, Anyim Nyerere, new entrant Nkechi Nworgu, Acho Obioma or Onyemobi? He wouldn’t attend meetings outside his house nor allow divergent opinions even when they have superior arguments. He only lives on old glory. The sad truth is that Apugo is not in control of his house. His children like others have grown up and have in many ways advised him to forget about politics. Can anybody tell Apugo’s story more aptly than his biological son Hon. Chukwudi Apugo, now a member of Abia State House of Assembly.

In an interview with the Authority newspaper in 2016, Hon. Apugo stunned Steve, the reporter. “I believe that why my father is attacking T.A. Orji is because Orji empowered us and made us not to be going to my father’s house to beg for food. Since 2003, I have been running for the House of Assembly and my father contributed to 80 per cent of my failure. But the former governor supported me and made me to go to the House.

“My father never wanted me and his other children to grow. Again, he is attacking Orji because before now my Ibeku people used to go to my father’s house to beg for alms but Orji came and liberated the people and made so many of us millionaires, so, my father became unhappy because he still wants people to come to his gate every morning and beg for food.

“My father does not want the younger ones to grow. I know his problem. He is angry because he is no longer the king of Ibeku people as T.A. Orji has empowered so many of our people. He should forgive our father and forge ahead with his works. He is now a senator and should not be distracted by my father.

“My siblings and I cannot write our history without T.A. Orji because he did for us what our father could not do for us. I want to tell Chief B.B. Apugo to leave Chief T.A. Orji alone lest we come out to dance naked in the market and I will say certain things I will like the world to hear. I am not afraid of anybody.”

From the above we now know why Apugo is fiercely anti Senator Orji. He doesn’t want other people to grow or become rich but will prefer to be the lion abhorring any other to roar. But it is sad and God the creator didn’t make the world that way. People should grow, money has no home but Apugo doesn’t know all these intricate dynamics.

What gives Apugo the audacity to talk as his atrocities are legendary? He successfully in the past allegedly grabbed people’s lands as they were afraid of midnight visits…The Central Bank standing in Abia Ogurube layout couldn’t be there today if Senator Orji didn’t pay him over 500 million Naira in dubious claims when he challenged the construction of the Central Bank that he owned the land. The records are there. Check with the Central Bank during Soludo’s era. It wasn’t the Central Bank alone. Many Federal Government projects got abandoned as he scared the contractors with similar claims.

There are other cases of such nature. Most of these were grabbed from lowly people and now being sold at high prices. A recent case of land grabbing made him an overnight guest of the Umuahia prisons until he was bailed. Writing about Apugo is making him a hero of some sorts. So I will desist forthwith.

As I wrote on Thursday, March 8, 2016 page 18, Apugo once rubbed shoulders with our revered statesmen like Senator Ibrahim Mantu, former Senate deputy, Atiku, who rose to Veepee status and late Sunday Awoniyi. All these are history today as he has refused to grow up at above 70 years and so happy to be running errands for a newspaper and their Oga.

Those who know Apugo should advise him to leave Senator Orji alone. In the first place, he cannot compete with Orji. Ochendo successfully was Chief of Staff for eight years, Governor for eight years which saw Abia blossom to high records of social indices and now Senator with multiple bills and motions. Can we say the same about Apugo? Certainly no basis for comparison as he cannot as Peter’s Principle stated excel beyond his level of his competence.

Whistle blowing has become a government policy. Empty barrels like Apugo who go shrill on rusty whistles resulting in unsubstantiated claims should be made to face the consequences.

Anosike wrote from Abuja