SB Telecoms Upgrades TAMS Solution with Productivity Module


To boost corporate performance, SB Telecoms & Devices has enhanced its Time Attendance Management System (TAMS) software to incorporate components, which can effectively monitor employee productivity level.

The TAMS solution, developed fully in Nigeria, is a robust cloud-based time and attendance management application that allows organisations to centrally monitor the attendance of their employees across multi-locations from any part of the world.

Acclaimed for its time management function, TAMS has become entrenched in the Nigerian market as the foremost application for tracking employee punctuality by businesses. As a result of its efficacy, the software has been adopted by over 1000 leading Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), blue chips and multinational firms operating in Nigeria and parts of West Africa.

Despite its success, Lagos based SB Telecoms had to upgrade the application beyond just attendance monitoring in response to declining national employee productivity indices. The new upgrade measures employee productivity thereby providing individual businesses with bespoke data on its human resources output and dynamics for improved decision making.

Commenting on the upgraded TAMS Solution, Afolabi Abiodun, CEO, SB Telecoms & Devices, said: “Having resolved the thorny issue of employee punctuality, we challenged ourselves to provide our clients with more than time monitoring. The incorporation of the productivity element in the TAMS software was the outcome of decision, and it was a direct response to the nagging need for corporations measure the output of individual employee. We have therefore created an innovative solution which effectively monitors the productivity level of a workforce by examining certain key characteristics. Some of the key characteristics now measured by TAMS software include time management, competence, decision-making, industry knowledge and punctuality.”

Available top line data by TAMS end-users indicate that the upgraded application increases operational efficiency in organisations by over 60 percent. It has also helped organisations achieve over 30 to 40 per cent cost saving on their annual payroll due to improved efficiency.

The indigenous and cost-effective TAMS solution which automates employee performance management and supports can help discerning businesses achieve their corporate goals and objectives via an empirical and tested means of monitoring.