Adeleke Was Sedated, Given Banned Drug, Personal Nurse Reveals


Yinka Kolawole in Osogbo

A Chief Nursing Officer, Mr. Alfred Aderibigbe, who treated late Senator Isiaka Adeleke earlier before his death has disclosed that he was sedated and given banned Analgin drug to ease his leg pains.

Aderibigbe, who appeared before the coroner inquest set up by the state government to probe Adeleke’s death thursday, narrated that the late senator had taken some medications before he got to his house around 4:30 a.m. April 23, 2017, the day of his death.

The nurse explained that he met Adeleke in pains with his friend, Dipo Faborode, and treated him with the prescription the senator gave to him, even as he admitted that it was unethical to administer drug to patients with their own prescription.

He disclosed that Adeleke received hydrocotisol, diacepham, analgin and fortwin for his treatment.

According to Aderibigbe, the analgin and other drugs administered to the senator were bought by the deceased, disclosing that Adeleke had handed over a bag of drugs to him on April 17, 2017, to keep.

He denied given the senator over-dose drugs just as he disclosed that Adeleke do always requested for double dose during treatment.

When asked the function of diacepham drug, Aderibigbe said it was for sedation, even as he submitted that the organs of a person that is sedated cannot function properly and that it is dangerous to central nervous system.
Aderibigbe who works at Comprehensive Health Centre, Edunabon, Osun State, explained that hydrocotisom is a steroid while analgin is an analgesic for pain reliever.

He said analgin and steroid did not go together in the body system, adding that analgin and excessive alcohol intake might lead to overdose.

Aderibigbe said: “I was sleeping when I heard some people banging my door around 4a.m. on April 23, 2017. I opened the door and saw two men who told me that senator wanted to see me. I checked my phone and there were 16 missed calls from Adeleke, his friend Dipo Faborode and some other people in his house. I called the senator’s phone number and Faborode answered the call before handing it over to him. He told me to be on my way with the drugs he gave me to keep.

“I got to the senator’s house around 4:33a.m. and I met him in pains with some oral drug and bottle water. I asked what the matter was and he told me he had been in pains for some hours and had also taken some drugs but the pain persisted. He also told me he was weak. He asked me to bring out the injections. The senator was suffering from gout-leg pains.

“I did blood pressure, respiratory, pulse and other tests and other vital organs test were normal. I took four amples of diacepam, two amples of analgin (200mg), hydrocotysol, fortwin, gentamysin (160mg) to the senator’s house which were part of the drugs he gave to me.

“I set up drip and diluted it with hydrocotisol. I gave him three amples of diacepham (40mg), 1 analgin, two amples of forwim. He insisted on taking four amples of diacepham but I resisted.
He started falling asleep and I waited till around 7:50a.m. before I left for church.

“I got back around 9:30a.m. and met Dipo. I went straight to the senator’s room and saw that he was still sleeping and I turned back. Immediately I turned back, Dipo told me that senator raised his hand. I went back and I raised up his hand but it dropped. I knew there was little life in him. I gave him heart massage but he was not responding normally, Dipo and I shouted which attracted others.

The senator was rushed into his vehicle and headed to Osogbo in a one-way drive. I knew he would die “before getting to Osogbo because there was nobody to give him heart massage to save him.”
Aderibigbe disclosed that he was dead before getting to Biket Hospital in Osogbo.

He stated that the Chief Medical Director of the Biket Hospital, Dr. Adebisi Adenle; Adeleke’s sibling, Mrs. Dupe Sani; the former Attorney General of Osun State, Mr. Wale Afolabi, all exclaimed when the empty amples given to the senator by him and the oral drugs were brought to them, saying it was an overdose.

He submitted that it was not the drugs he administered to the senator that killed him.

  • Omooba

    Even an illiterate with affluence will not manage his health the way Serubawon did.

  • Henry

    There are so many things wrong with this whole story but it goes to show you why Nigeria is where it is today. A nation led by blind ignorant people so how do you expect the nation to make progress. A one time governor and a 2 time senator self medicates and when he falls ill calls a nurse to treat him including setting up and IV infusion. Two ampules of diazepam , one ampule of tramadol and Novalgin injections where found by the diseased going by the testimony of the pathologist. Why should a nurse give dizepam and tramadol to a sick patient. Diazepam and tramadol are sedatives are also controlled medications that only physicians are licensed to administer. Dizepam and tramadol depress respiration and when given rapidly intravenously are lethal. When you give 2 ampoules ( 20mg) of diazepam IV and 10 mg of tramadol what do you expect?. The man should wake up? Novalgin is banned in Nigeria, why would senator Adeleke be using that band and dangerous drug when you already have tramadol to control your pain. If you must add another analgesic to tramadol there are so many safe and effective NSAIDS to take care of gouty arthritis. A nurse that says breath rate of 26 cycles per minutes is normal for an adult should have his head examined. In emergency medicine when you have respiratory rate of above 18 breath per minutes for an adult the alarm bells should be ringing.We are told not to speak ill of the dead but I will say without regret that Senator Adeleke killed himself, How can a man of his position resort to such level of care.
    The politicians have refused to improve the healthcare system now they are victims of their own stupidity and greed. Our president is now marooned in the UK for diseases that an average general hospital can manage excellently. What a country.?

    • Oaks Nnadi

      I can not agree more with previous contributors. The death of Adeleke is a clear indictment on past and present leadership of which Adeleke was a top dog. Needless restating the fact that Nigeria is led by a bunch of ‘fake’ , no wonder we have fake nurses, fake doctors, fake governors, fake senators? fake government , fake nigerians etc.
      Lesson to learn: stealing has consequences, often times the looters them selves become culprits of their looting ie point in case.