Police Commence Aggressive Search for Killers of Family of Six


Sheriff Balogun in Abeokuta

Ogun State Commissioner for Police, Iliyasu Ahmed, yesterday disclosed that the police command had commenced aggressive search for the arrest of killers of family of six killed in Odogbolu area of the state on Tuesday.

The 37-year-old Sheik Abdul-Salam, his wife, four children namely Lateefat Yussuf, 10 years, Rahmat Yussuf, 2, Hammad and Muhammed who were 8-year-old twins, were killed on early hours of Tuesday by suspected assassins in their home.

Ahmed who visited residence of the victims said  the hoodlums who murdered the family of six in a gruesome manner on the early hours of Tuesday, would soon be arrested and made to face the wrath of law.

According to him, “it was early morning ofTuesday that some hoodlums attacked a particular family and hacked them down; that is why we are here.”

He added: “We have assessed the situation, we are assessing the area and we are profiling the modus operandi, that is, how these hoodlums carried out this dastardly act. We have launched a very massive manhunt to track them down.”

He noted that the police could not rule out that the hoodlums had the help of an insider in carrying out the dastardly act noting the area was being assessed, while the modus operandi of the perpetrators was being profiled by the police.

“The trace of the modus that is used seems that there is work of an insider or somebody who has some grudges that he’s trying to vent it in this way. We will not allow that to hibernate in this peaceful society.

“As a result of that, we have launched a massive manhunt to track these hoodlums down who have committed this dastardly act. Definitely, they will be tracked down and they will face the wrath of the law.

“It’s a constructive act; when we say constructive act, it means an act which is done by a knowledge of the inside of the place. And in view of that, we don’t have to let out our strategies. Everybody in the community are working with the police and we have our covert deployment and definitely we’ll get to the root of the matter.”