Expert Gives Reasons Why Nigeria Produces Graduates without Skills


By Senator Iroegbu and Adedayo Akinwale in Abuja

An expert and Founder, Life Skills Experts, Mr. Omagbitse Barrow, has said the reason why the Nigerian education system produces graduates and school leavers who do not possess the basic skills for value-based leadership, personal effectiveness, creativity and financial literacy was because of the significant deficit in Experience Quotient (EQ).

He explained that social scientists across the globe are all unanimous on the fact that for individuals to achieve sustainable success, they need a combination of academic skills  and life skills – Intelligence Quotient (IQ) and EQ.

Barrow said they also agreed that as a component of success, EQ accounts for 85 per cent, while IQ accounts for 15 per cent, stressing that it means that the major thrust in educating children should be focused on EQ and the life skills that create this form of intelligence.

“Unfortunately, our school programmes in this part of the world focus almost exclusively on the 15 per cent IQ, and it is therefore no surprise that we create graduates and school leavers who do not possess the basic skills of value-based leadership,  personal effectiveness,  creativity and innovation, communication, and financial literacy. No one is really paying attention to this, meaning that children, all of us, grow up with a significant deficit in the particular areas that actually matter the most to our success,” he lamented.

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