Media Group Decries Attempt to Smear Former PENCOM DG’s Reputation


Media Rights Agenda (MRA) has condemned what it described as “calculated clandestine motives by fifth columnists, mischief makers and agent provocateurs to smear the hard earned reputation of the former Director General of PENCOM, Mrs. Chinelo Anohu-Amazu.”

MRA in a statement signed and made available to journalists yesterday by its
National Coordinator, Ishola Ishaka, alleged that according to its investigations and information at its disposal, there are calculated clandestine motives by fifth columnists, “who have been holding secret meetings at different locations in Abuja and Lagos respectively to pour affront on the reputation of Anohu-Amazu.”

The statement said: “The attention of MRA has been drawn to this orchestrated gang up by fifth columnists and disgruntled persons who have an axe to grind with the former DG of PENCOM by digging up an act passed by the former president and the National Assembly to appoint and confirm the former DG and make it look as if there is more to it than meet the eyes.

“They are hell-bent on tarnishing the hard earned reputation of Anohu-Amazu who has served the country meritoriously all these years and have shattered the glass ceiling by raising the bar and building investors’ confidence including paying pensioners as at when due with the cooperation of the present administration.”
The media group alleged that some elements who are envious of her achievements as PENCOM DG and are hell bent to settle personal scores with an axe to grind by dragging her name into public ridicule and odium.

In Anohu-Amazu defence, according to Ishaka in the statement, “The appointment of the former DG was done in regards to all known laws and principles including equity and justice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The former President and seventh Senate worked harmoniously in reducing the age limit of an occupant of the office of the DG for merit and competence to assume the office.

“The former president and then National Assembly took into cognisance the professional competence, education and experience over age to appoint Anohu-Amazu as DG.”
MRA therefore called on Nigerians and the international community to disregard the hatchet plot by mischief makers who are envious of the rising profile of the former DG, and so disregard all the orchestrated media attacks that would be used in the coming days ahead. Nigerians are hereby forewarned of such innuendos.

It added: “Our investigations revealed that the plan and orchestration is to change and twist the story in public domain, to make it look as if she was appointed from the back door and to also change what transpired between the executive and the legislator in her appointment as the former DG. We have reliably gathered that the hatchet job is to taint and paint what transpired then to assume a new dimension whereas there was nothing of such.

“MRA views the clandestine plot by the enemies of progress and fifth columnists as mischievous and false with intent to smear the name of the former DG due to her zero tolerance for corruption and her hard stance not to compromise the pension industry while holding sway as the DG then.”