The movie BUSTED “A Lone Road”


Now, this two sisters who have gradually grabbed their niche in the Nigerian movie industry, Face Onu is the executive producer and Lisa her younger sister is the producer of the movie. This sisters are delectable and very artistic minded, apart from the producer of the movie Lisa is also an actress. Lisa has featured in a few movie. This movie has shown Lisa’s prowess in the industry.

All about Busted

Is this a controversial love story in the modern-day world? The things and acts that are classified abomination to a certain society have suddenly become the trend of the modern-day technology era. Queen Edwards, a girl born into a decent home where her father’s strictness and mother’s ignorance led her into the arms of a maid whose consolation changed and switched her entire life style. All grown up now and unknown to her parents, she (Queen) started having affairs with several ladies and breaking their hearts as she was a player. In the course of this lifestyle she eventually meets and falls in love with Blessing; another beautiful young lady who willingly surrendered to the same lifestyle due to the peer pressure and also to sponsor her education and support her family. The drama begins when the Nigerian Law passed a bill in the constitution against public display of same sex affection or the act of same sex marriage. Ignoring the biblical belief and what the society thinks of them, the law becomes their tussle which leads to the test of their love.

“Busted” is written and produced by Face Onu and it stars renowned Nollywood actors: Liz Benson, Kate Henshaw, Lisa Onu, IK Ogbonna, and Paul Obazele amongst others.

“Busted” will be premiered on the 21st of May 2017, at Lagos Oriental Hotel by 7:00pm.