Firm Launches Software to Address Mobile Crime


Ugo Aliogo, Joshua Odebisi and Gloria Onoja

Mobile Reg. Nigeria Limited in partnership with Computer and Allied Products Dealers Association of Nigeria (CAPDAN) has launched innovative crime prevention software known as Fonreg.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos recently, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Ayodele Thomas, said the technology device was conceived and developed in Poland, where the company won the innovative award, adding that the device is operational in London Warsaw, and backed by the European Union (EU). “We are small in Nigeria, but I can tell you that we have international backing”, he enthused.

  He also noted that they are a subsidiary of an international company, adding that the technology cost 500k euros to develop, part of which was financed by the government of Poland, while the rest was self-financed, though they began the concept in Europe and expanded to Nigeria.

In his remarks, the CAPDAN President, Mr. Ahmed Ojikutu, said the issue of criminality, phone theft and others can ordinarily be solved by the use of the technology, as a result they are deploying it to tackle issues that have to do with phone losses and theft to protect the buyer and the sellers to buy secured property.

Ojikutu also noted that the software also has tracking applications that can help to track missing people, stressing that the last location of the victim would be recorded. He expressed confidence that if this application is embraced, in the next few years, phone theft would be a thing of the past.

  He said: “We have launched it today and with the presence of all the executives from CAPDAN and security agencies, we believe this is just the beginning. We want to ensure the safety of all Nigerians so that there will be no more market for stolen phones. There are serious crimes committed using the mobile phones so we want to help the law enforcement agents to curb mobile phone crimes in Nigeria.

“According to statistics carried out, mobile phone crime is the number one crime in Nigeria. So if we are able to tackle that area, then am sure all other crimes will be averted. There is hardly any crime that does not involve mobile phones. Fonreg is actually new in Nigeria but we have been around other European countries. We are trying to launch in African countries and we decided to start from Nigeria. We can see that a lot of enthusiasm is coming from the law enforcement agencies. We plan on launching a massive campaign, interact with people and let people know exactly the benefits abound with Fonreg.”