Caution Shittu on Second Term, Group Tells Buhari


A socio-cultural group, Oyo Development Initiative (ODI), has urged the Minister of Communication, Adebayo Shittu, to mind his brief at the Ministry of Communications, add value to the ICT industry in Nigeria and face squarely the business of developing the sector as expected by President Muhammadu Buhari who appointed him.

The Coordinator of the group, Dr. Adesola Okanlawon said Nigerians expect a lot from the communications minister in propelling the country into technological advancement instead of busying himself with a needless and embarrassing campaign for PMB’s second term and the mirage of a  gubernatorial ambition in Oyo State.

The group noted that the statement credited to the minister in a popular Sunday newspaper that Nigerians would beg President Buhari to contest in 2019 was an insult to the sensibilities of the entire citizens of the country, explaining that the present administration is yet to fully impact on the lives of the people while he is talking about 2019.

“We are not  particularly surprised with the conduct and utterances of our Communications Minister. While Nigerians are still grappling with the realities of the hardship and economic recession in the country, Shittu is insulting our sensibilities. When the time for election comes, we will decide whether we need to beg President Buhari to re-contest or not. We expect our leaders to deliver on their campaign promises and wait till the electioneering period to start politicking.

“We urge the minister to face the ministry he is asked to superintend. We are scared that nothing much will be achieved as the situation is akin to putting a round  peg in a square hole. He is very much an analogue man managing communications ministry in the digital age. Let him prove wrong those who say the communications ministry is an oversized pair of shoes for him”

“We appeal to Shittu to record both tangible and intangible achievements, even if just few, so that Oyo State’s opportunity of having a full fledged minister will be maximised. The minister should concentrate more on business of governance so that he will record achievements to market his political aspirations,” the group added.